Yonkers Lawsuit Loan: What to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney?

personal injury attorneyNow more than ever, a New York lawsuit loan for car accident cases is a top solution for plaintiffs who are strapped for cash, while waiting for their case to come to a final conclusion.

Did you ever feel lack of money is sending you into a financial danger zone?  You’re not alone. This is a typical scenario for most personal injury plaintiffs. Even though plaintiffs are confident their case is strong and winnable, and ultimately they will receive the settlement they deserve — it’s a struggle to survive the long wait.

Choosing the right personal injury attorney to represent you can be a daunting task. However, if you do your homework, research, and ask the right questions, the job can completed with ease and security.

Create a List

First off, put together a list of potential car accident personal injury lawyers in your area.  Ask for recommendations from friends, family, and other attorneys.  Once you’ve created a list, make some phone calls to ask some basic questions before making in person appointments.

Free Personal Injury Consultation

Many attorneys will offer a free consultation to potential clients.  Call those on your initial list and ask if a free consult is available, and what you can expect from such a meeting.  If an attorney on your list does not offer a free first meeting, you will have to determine if it’s worth it to you to pay up front during your research phase of choosing someone to represent you.

Know their Specialty

Every good personal injury attorney should have a specialty – an area of the law they have more education and experience in.  For instance, if your lawsuit is for a car accident, you won’t want an attorney who has little experience in that area.  When you make your early phone calls and do your research, be sure to find only attorneys who have a stated specialty in your area of law.

Do I Have a Case?

Once you’ve narrowed your list and made in person appointments, one of the first questions you’ll ask is if you have a case.  Once you’ve explained your situation, injuries, and the perceived negligence by another party, ask if you have a  case worth filing.  While that question may be hard to fully answer without further study – a good lawyer can give you a good idea of the merits of your case.  He or she can also tell you if the lawyer and firm are willing to take the next steps.  Be sure to bring along a copy of your official police report and any documents related to the accident.

Know Your Rights

Ask any potential personal injury attorney to explain your individual rights, and how they can be protected.  A good personal injury lawyer should have no problem stating exactly what your rights are and how it appears they’ve been violated.  If this question isn’t answered promptly, you’ll want to take this lawyer off your list.  How will the lawyer work to protect your rights?

Who Pays Medical Bills?

When you interview personal injury lawyers, bring a list of medical and personal bills.  Ask the lawyer who is responsible for these charges?  If you have sustained a personal injury, you likely have medical and various healthcare bills.  Ask who will pay for your medical expenses, drugs, lost income and suffering.


How much a personal injury lawyer costs, is a very important question.  As an injured party you may already be feeling the financial crunch caused by your injury.   Find out if you are required to pay for any fees or expenses prior to your case settling.  If so, look at your budget and determine if you can afford any added costs.  Many personal injury cases take a long time to settle, so plaintiffs want to make sure they are ready to deal with any financial issues along the way.

Call For Funding Today!

Once you’ve hired an attorney and filed your case, it’s time to consider your budget and how to handle paying bills during the duration of the lawsuit — until a final settlement is reached.

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