What to Do When a Dog Bites?

What to Do When a Dog Bites?

Surprisingly, dog bites are one of the most common types of personal injuries.  While most of us love our well behaved pets, there are some that are not so friendly.  Dog bites can result in serious injury – to adults and children.  One of the many problems associated with dog a bite is you really never know when an animal will attack.  Many times we don’t even know why.

Dog bites can cause serious injury, disfigurement, mental trauma, and even death.

Dog Bites: Know Your Rights

Every state has their own laws, so dog bite laws can vary throughout the country.  However, most states have the same cause of action that the liability is with the dog owner.  The owner of the dog must know if their dog is threatening to people and other animals in their surroundings.

Many states have passed statutes particularly for dog bites.  Several of these new laws give limited defense for dog owners.  An example of this, in some states anyone who is bitten by a dog who is unprovoked, especially in public areas, can demand payment by the dog owner.  Many of these statutes do not require past bad behavior, and the owner is instantly liable.

Many Types of Dog Injuries

It’s important to understand that bites aren’t the only injury a person can get from a dog.  A personal injury can happen even when a dog doesn’t actually bite.  For instance, a dog can cause damage and injuries with claws, knock a person down, and even throw someone off their bicycle.

Consult a Personal Injury Attorney

One of the first things to do after receiving medical care if you are injured or attacked by a dog is to seek the counsel of a reputable personal injury attorney.  The attorney can advise you on your rights discuss your legal options and even file a personal injury lawsuit.

Tips on Dealing with a Dog Attack or Injury:

  1. Identify the dog who caused the injury
  2. Do not engage in an argument with the owner or bystanders
  3. Never sign a document or make any recorded statements
  4. Always file a police report
  5. Immediately seek medical treatment for injuries
  6. Call a personal injury attorney