The Truth About a Lawsuit Cash Advance

If you’re a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit waiting for your case to wind through court, and reach a settlement, you’re realized this takes time. Sometimes it takes lots of time – even months or years.  Typically during this time you will start to feel financial pressures.  One great way to help ease this money crush is to take out a lawsuit cash advance.  This type of funding provides you with cash quickly and without the constraints typical with a regular bank loan.

Here are some facts about a lawsuit cash advance:

Can I apply online for a lawsuit cash advance?

Yes, you can apply online for a lawsuit cash advance.  To complete you application, your attorney will be required to submit documents related to your case but the application process can begin online.

Do I need to sign a release with my attorney?

Yes,  a formal signed release is required so that your attorney has permission to share and release information regarding your case.  The lawsuit cash advance company will need to speak with your lawyer to learn about your case.

Once my application is complete can I receive cash quickly?

Yes, in most cases once approval is made your cash is forwarded to you quickly, many times within 24-48 hours.

Are there hidden or upfront lawsuit cash advance costs paid by me?

NO, there are no fees or repayment funds required until and IF your case wins in court.  This is very different than a regular bank loan.  You will pay no monthly fees or interest.  Because a lawsuit cash advance is not considered a “loan”, but the company really purchases a portion of the final settlement, there is no fee or payment required until your case wins or is settled in court.

If my case loses in court I am required to pay 50% of the lawsuit cash advance?

NO, if your case loses in court, you never have to repay even a single dime of the money.  Only if your case wins are you required to repay the lawsuit cash advance.

There is no credit check but if I’ve filed bankruptcy in the past I will not be considered for a lawsuit cash advance.

Wrong.  Bankruptcy has no bearing on relevance in being considered for funding.  There are no credit checks required when applying for a lawsuit cash advance.

A lawsuit cash advance can only be used for specific expenses?

A lawsuit cash advance can be used for any expense.  Once the plaintiff’s application is approved and funds are forwarded, the plaintiff makes all decisions regarding the money.

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