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It’s time to take action today and apply for smart settlement funding. It is the financial help you need now. Settlement funding is a popular and effective method of funding for plaintiffs who need cash now as they wait for a good settlement in their case.

Settlement funding is used by thousands of plaintiffs every month, and has grown significantly in recent years, due to the immediate financial help it offers.

Smart Settlement Funding for Plaintiffs

Smart settlement funding is no longer an obscure form of funding for plaintiffs involved in a lawsuit. But today settlement funding is a respected financial option designed specifically for plaintiffs.

Today, smart settlement funding companies like Alliance Claim Funding uphold the highest standards of business principals.  They have vast experience in not only funding plaintiffs, but the plight of plaintiffs and how they struggle to meet financial obligations while waiting for their case to settle.

The top smart settlement funding companies around the country follow a strict set of professional best practice which include: full disclosure to clients, a five-day cancel period, and written review of agreements by an attorney.

Strong Case = Fast Cash

When a smart settlement funding company decides to fund a lawsuit they are betting the case will win in court.  While this is sometimes called a lawsuit loan, it is quite different than a typical “loan”.  If lawsuit settlement funding company funds a case there is always a chance that case could lose in court. If that happens the company cannot and does not require the funds be repaid by the plaintiff.

Smart settlement funding is typically used for plaintiffs who have filed personal injury claims.  When a person files a claim with the help of an attorney, they may be approved for a lawsuit cash advance against their lawsuit.  Prior to approval, the company will evaluate the case to determine if it is winnable.  If during the evaluation phase, the case is thought to be a winner, it’s likely the case will be approved for funding.

Alliance Claim Funding offers some of the best rates available for smart settlement funding.

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