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How Do I Sell My Settlement for Cash NOW?

How do I sell my settlement? This is a common question from plaintiffs who have heard their personal injury case can be sold for cash.  What most don’t know is how you go about selling a settlement prior to a final determination in a court of law.

Why Should I Sell My Settlement?

Little did you know your personal injury lawsuit is quite possibly worth money prior to case settlement.  If approved for funding you can sell your settlement today, when you need it most to pay bills and stay healthy financially. Filing a lawsuit and waiting for it to settle can put a big strain on your finances. Selling your settlement now can provide you with a cash advance to help support you and your family as you wait for the settlement in court.

If your personal money is running out, and your case still hasn’t made it to court, it’s time to consider selling your settlement for cash.  This type of funding bridges the gap from the date of your injury to the case settlement date.

How Do I Sell My Settlement?

A settlement cash advance is not a loan. Alliance Claim Funding actually buys a piece of the future settlement proceeds of your lawsuit.  This is contingent upon the future outcome of your personal injury case.  In other words, you receive a cash advance today in exchange for a predetermined amount of any settlement received from the litigation. For most plaintiffs, the money is used to cover medical and personal living expenses.

A settlement cash advance is available for all types of cases, including personal injury, medical malpractice, employment discrimination and wrongful death cases.

How Does it Work When I Sell My Settlement?

A lawsuit cash advance is really easy to explain. Once a person applies and is approved for a lawsuit loan, the plaintiff in the lawsuits receives money from Alliance Claim Funding, who takes a lien on the proceeds of the suit in return for cash now. So really you’re selling a portion of the future proceeds of your settlement.  Funding like this is known as, “non-recourse funding”. This means any money you receive is yours to keep even if the case loses in court.

How Am I Approved to Sell My Settlement?

Approval is based on the strength of your case. Unlike typical bank loans, this type of funding does not require credit checks, or work history for approval.  Companies like Alliance Claim Funding look at this funding as an investment, so the stronger your case, the more likely they will take the risk to approve your application.

Selling a settlement is a viable option for plaintiffs who are cash poor. The sale of a portion of the proceeds can help them meet their living expenses, pay for medical care and cover other personal costs. This can keep plaintiffs from having to sell their valuables or borrow money from family and friends to keep their lives on track.

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