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Receive Lump Sum Cash with a Lawsuit Loan

If you’re a plaintiff who has filed a personal injury case there is a good chance are you’re starting to feel the financial pinch of growing money pressures.  Without a lump sum of cash to ease money worries, this kind of situation is typical.  Litigation takes time, and it can be a long wait for a fair case settlement.  Finding the needed chunk of cash can seem impossible.

Lump Sum Cash is Available

It’s a difficult dilemma because you need cash now.  But if you settle now it’s likely you will not receive a fair settlement in the amount you deserve.  But, the bills are mounting, and your credit cards are helping you survive at risky and outrageous interest rates.  There is help for you with lump sum cash in the form of a lawsuit loan cash advance.

Litigation takes time, lots of time. It can be years before a settlement is reached.  During this time plaintiffs and their families typically feel huge pressure as they try to meet their financial obligations.  In many cases, plaintiffs have sustained a personal injury with added medical costs and even job loss or job change — which all adds up to make a the stressful situation.  Many have to file bankruptcy to help them get through this time and others are forced to settle their case far too early.

Strong Case?  Lump Sum Cash is Available

Plaintiffs who have a strong case and need a lump sum of cash may find help with a lawsuit loan.  While it’s called a “loan” this unique kind of funding is specifically designed to offer financial assistance to plaintiffs awaiting a settlement in a case. A lawsuit loan is very different than a typical loan. If your case is deemed to be strong and likely winnable, your application for a lump sum cash may be approved.  A lawsuit loan company like Alliance Claim Funding will advance you a portion of the expected settlement funds immediately.  You’ll be able to pay bills and stay financially afloat during the long wait for the legal system to come to a decision on your case.

A Lawsuit Loan is NOT a Typical Loan

A lawsuit loan is very different than a typical bank loan. Bank loans require you pay monthly payments and interest immediately after receiving money.  In addition, application for a bank loan is based on collateral, job history and credit ratings.  With a lawsuit loan the only requirement for approval is a strong legal case. There are no credit checks, job history requirements or even monthly payments with interest.  The lump sum cash advanced, is only paid back when the case settles in favor of the plaintiff.  Interestingly, if the case does not settle in favor of the plaintiff, there are no funds required to be paid back.

Once the case is settled you will pay back the amount of cash advanced from the settlement funds. Typically the amount of the lawsuit loan is a percentage of the expected amount.  You will also be required to pay interest or a percentage of the funds advanced.  You will keep the remaining funds after the lawsuit loan is repaid.

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