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Cash Advance for Lawsuit = Financial Stability

Did you know plaintiffs can receive cash advance for a lawsuit?  Most people don’t realize their personal injury case may well be worth money – lots of money! The sad truth is, every year thousands of innocent victims die or are injured due to someone else’s negligence.  These unfortunate accidents can be due to medical malpractice, auto accidents, product liability, slip and fall, and many many more situations.

Plaintiffs who have been severely injured due to someone else’s negligence are typically not only damaged physically, but can be financially devastated.  In addition, many are unable to work for months, weeks, and even years.  Many of these innocent victims do not qualify for a regular bank loan, as banks do not offer lawsuit loan funding.

Advance for Lawsuit?

There is cash advance for a law suit available for plaintiffs whose case qualifies. While most plaintiffs realize their personal injury lawsuit may well be worth something down the road at settlement, most don’t realize their lawsuit could well be worth money NOW!  This is money they need to stay financially healthy as they try to stay on course waiting for a settlement in their case.

Cash advance for law suit is sometimes called a “lawsuit loan”; this type of litigation funding is actually not a typical loan.  It is funding known as “non-recourse cash advance” and is based on the determined value of the pending lawsuit.  In other words, unlike a typical bank loan that requires credit history, employment history and even collateral, cash advance law suit funding is purely based on whether the case is thought to be winnable in court. Yes indeed, a plaintiff can have access to funds they need prior to a case settlement!

No Win – No Payback

One more amazing thing about a cash advance for law suit is — if the case loses in court, the plaintiff is not required to payback even a penny of the money they received for their lawsuit. The money loaned is based only on the outcome of the case. Nothing more!  Alliance Claim Funding actually purchases a piece of the future outcome of the case, which allows the plaintiff to receive a cash advance for law suit right now when they need it desperately to survive.

If you have a pending personal injury lawsuit, and a personal injury attorney representing you, you can apply for a cash advance for law suit right now. If approved, you will receive funds within a few short days of approval.

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