Pre Settlement Funding for FELA Lawsuit

Lawsuit Funding for FELA Lawsuits

If you need cash to pay bills while waiting for your FELA lawsuit to settle, Alliance Claim Funding has fast cash solutions. The respected legal funding company has a wide variety of cash options available. Once your case is filed, it’s a perfect time to apply so you can get the cash you need now, when you need it most. You case is likely worth money long before a final settlement.
Now is the time to get the money you need to easily get through until your case settles. A FELA lawsuit can be complex, and take much longer to settle than you anticipate. You and your family have dealt with enough already, adding a financial burden is not something you want, or need. A lawsuit loan from Alliance Claim Funding gives you the emergency cash you need while you recover from injuries and wait for you final case compensation.

FELA Lawsuit Cash Advance

Lawsuit Loans for FELA Lawsuits

A lawsuit cash advance for your FELA case will help you and your family avoid possible financial devastation. Now is not the time to take chances with your financial situation. FELA accidents or mishaps can be complex and take a long time for litigation and settlement. The Federal Employers’ Liability Act, also called FELA was passed by Congress in 1908. The act FELA was passed because of catastrophic injuries and fatalities suffered by railroad workers throughout the United States. FELA was written and enacted to provide workers with protection and compensation, not be covered through workers compensation. It gives the injured victim the option to request damages directly from the employers. Damages are rewarded as a result of negligence by the company.

The compensation that is collected in a FELA case is usually for expenses related to medical costs, lost wages, inability to work and pain and suffering. A FELA case is handled differently than a workers compensation claim as the cases are heard by a jury. Due to the complex nature of FELA cases these types of lawsuit can take a long time to settle. While there are a wide variety of FELA injuries here are few commonly seen: mental anguish, risk to health, repetitive motion disorder, brain and head trauma, asbestos exposure, burns, loss of limbs, soft tissue, and many more. Proving negligence in a FELA case usually requires a specialized personal injury attorney who litigates these cases. Due to the complexity of these cases they can take a very long time to settle.

FELA Cash Advances

Lawsuit Loan for FELA Lawsuits

Now is the time to get the cash you need. Once you’ve filed your case, with the help of an attorney, you are immediately eligible to apply for a lawsuit cash advance from Alliance Claim Funding. This fast cash option keeps your finances healthy while you recover from your injuries, and wait for you case to settle.

How does it work? The process is quick and easy. It’s like a loan but its better! There are no monthly payments. The advance is paid back when your case settles; you don’t have to be employed, or have good credit, because the funding approval is based solely on the strength of the case. One more great thing about a FELA lawsuit loan is if your case does not win in court, you owe nothing – no principal, no interest, nothing!

Alliance Claim Funding is a reputable lawsuit cash advance company, with years of experience dealing with FELA plaintiffs, and their needs.

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