Product Liability


The professional staff at Alliance Claim Funding are experts in funding product liability and a wide variety of other litigation cases. Their years of experience in the lawsuit cash advance arena has provided funding on a regular basis to product liability, patent litigation, copyright litigation, personal injury and commercial litigation cases.

A product liability cash advance is made when a plaintiff has filed a winning personal injury product liability lawsuit due to injuries sustained while using a particular product. Patent litigation is another type of lawsuit loan made by Alliance Claim Funding to a plaintiff whose rights to a patent are infringe. A lawsuit is filed against another party who has used the patented product without approval. Copyright litigation lawsuit cash advances are made to plaintiffs involving a legal violation of a copyright on intellectual property.

For businesses, commercial litigation is a huge area of lawsuit funding, as this area involves many types of business litigation including class actions, breach of contract, business interference, employment disputes, civil RICO cases, franchise issues, non-compete clause disputes, and shareholder issues. These are just a few as there are many other types of commercial litigation that qualify for funding.

A common problem for plaintiffs is mounting financial pressures during the months and even years they have to wait for a settlement. Litigation funding provides funds to help those plaintiffs stay afloat financially.

Alliance Claim Funding is a respected team of professionals well versed in product liability, patent litigation, copyright litigation and dozens of commercial litigation funding lawsuits. They are experts in finding funding solutions for a wide variety of lawsuits. The application process is quick and easy, once approved a cash advance is made within days.

Alliance Claim Funding helps these product liability plaintiffs by providing a lawsuit cash advance while they wait for their settlement. This lawsuit funding is not like a typical bank loan, as funding doesn’t need to be repaid prior to the time of settlement or if the case loses. There are no credit checks, work history or other typical bank loan procedures. The funding for product liability plaintiffs is based only on the merits of the case