Don’t Despair! Pittsburg Lawsuit Funding Can Help with Your Car Accident Case

-lawsuit-loan-car-accident-pittsburg-Even though you were not at fault in the car accident, you’re feeling big pressure to settle your case early. Bills are piling up. You’re stressed, and you have little or no money coming in. Your lawyer advises you to hold out for a final, top settlement – but you’re so tempted to take the early, low offer. You can avoid taking an early low ball settlement. There is emergency funding available for Pennsylvania car accident victims!

The truth is, when the accident is not your fault it is far more frustrating to deal with a long wait.  The accident was hard enough, but now you’re caught in this long battle to get the settlement you deserve to get your life back.  It’s taking so much longer than you expected, and with each day that passes, bills are piling up, rent has to be paid, and car payments made.

Lawsuit Funding Provides Emergency Cash

Lawsuit funding is an outstanding cash advance option designed just for plaintiffs in this situation. Unlike a bank loan where a credit check, employment history is necessary for funding, this special kind of funding is available to those whose car accident case is strong and winnable.

Do I qualify? Who can apply?

If you’ve retained an attorney, and filed your case in court, you are eligible to apply for lawsuit funding.

Does lawsuit funding help me get a higher settlement?

Settlement amounts are determined by our justice system. Yet, time and money have proven to be of huge importance in getting the best case settlement.  Lawsuit funding gets you up front cash, to help pay bills and keep your case alive in court.  Plaintiffs want the time necessary to get to the final case settlement – where traditionally the fairest and highest settlement is awarded.

When do I pay back the money I receive?

No money is paid until the case settles – no monthly payments are required.  Only when your case reaches a conclusion in court, and you are awarded a final case settlement do you have to repay the funds.  AND guess what?  On the slight chance your case loses in court, you are never required to ever pay back these funds. There are no monthly payments. You don’t pay anything back until your case is resolved.

Is the lawsuit funding company involved in my case?

No. Absolutely not. You and your attorney decide how your case is handled, when you settle, and for how much.

Do lawsuit loan companies refinance high interest rate funding received from another legal funding company?

Yes. In fact, Alliance Claim Funding has some of the most competitive rates in the industry.  The company works with car accident plaintiffs every day, so we understand the struggle.  We work hard to find the best interest rate to re-finance your earlier funding from another company –which can lower your costs in a big way.

Is a credit check necessary?

No.  Unlike typical bank loans there are no credit checks, employment history, or collateral necessary when apply for lawsuit funding.  Approval for funding is based purely on the strength of your case.  The only other requirement is the plaintiff must have an attorney representing them in court.

Lawsuit funding is just for plaintiffs in personal injury cases. You’ll have the cash you need to get by as you wait for a final settlement in your car accident case. This unique type of funding is very popular because it provides the money banks refuse to, and doesn’t require any payments until the car accident case is settled in court.

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