No Problem! Dog Attack Lawsuit Cash is Available

Most dogs, like the one pictured, are sweet, kind and lovable.  We adore our pets and consider them valued members of our families.  We also know that some dogs, in certain circumstances, do bite and attack.  Amazingly, each and every day there are an estimated 1000 people who seek medical attention for dog attacks and bites. In our country alone there are thousands of animal attacks each year.

Dog Attack Lawsuit Cash is Available

If a dog has injured you or someone you love, you may be entitled to compensation for your dog attack injury.  You may also be qualified for a law suit cash advance against your pending law suit. Alliance Claim Funding is a professional and highly regarded law suit cash advance company.  The money ACF provides is cash – when you need it most.  Law suits take time to wind through the court system.  Waiting for a settlement in your dog attack case can take months, or even years.  You’ll likely need money to help with expenses along the way, especially if your injuries brought high medical bills, loss of work, and other important changes to your life.


Know Your Dog Attack Rights

Each state has its own laws regarding dog attacks and bites.  The laws vary throughout the country.  It’s important to note that most states do have the same cause of action making liability with the dog owner. Which means the dog owner must know if their dog is threatening to people and other animals in their area. A personal injury from a dog doesn’t just involve bites.  Injury can happen without a bite as people can be hurt by claws, being knocked down, and even thrown from a bicycle.

If the dog owner has failed to properly socialize and train the dog, the owner can be held responsible for any injuries caused by the dog.  In most cases the law makes the dog owners liable for any injuries to another person by the dog.

What to Do After a Dog Attack:


  • Seek medical attention
  • Know which dog caused the injury
  • Do not argue with the pet owner or bystanders
  • Never sign a document or make any recorded statements
  • Always complete a police report
  • Call a personal injury attorney

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