New York Car Accident Job Loss? It’s Time to Consider Pre-Settlement Cash

-car-accident-lawsuit-loans-New York pre-settlement cash is a powerful way to get the money you need after a car accident.  For many who are injured in a car accident, job loss can follow. If you’re hurt and unable to work, or you’re forced to take a lower paying job, financial devastation can follow.

If you’ve hired an attorney and filed your case in court, a fair monetary settlement may be awarded.  But, court cases take time, and many plaintiffs fine themselves stuck in a financial crunch that just adds to an already difficult situation. For many of these plaintiffs pre settlement cash is a solution to this tenuous situation.

Out of Work? Here’s What to Consider

Are you out of work due to injuries from a car accident? If you’re looking for lawsuit funding in New York, it’s time to give Alliance Claim Funding a call for more information on how pre-settlement cash can help you. The company is a leading provider of legal funding for car accident lawsuits in the State of New York.

Avoid Taking an Early, Low Offer

While Alliance Claim Funding doesn’t advise clients on legal matters, we can tell you from experience, an early low offer is rarely ever enough money to cover all expenses and future expenses. When job loss has taken place in the aftermath of the accident, the personal financial loss is sometimes devastating.  Many plaintiffs are so stressed about money, they take an early settlement amount just to get some cash in hand – and end the legal nightmare.  Certainly any cash offer is tempting for a plaintiff who is struggling.  But, when an early offer is made, it’s of dire importance this offer be discussed with your personal injury attorney.  But, from our experience, an early low settlement offer is never an amount that is anywhere near what you deserve….or what you need to get back on track in your life.

Worried About Job Loss?

One of the major reasons car accident victims worry about money is due to all the fears and personal losses from the car accident.  If you have lost your job because your injuries prevent you from working, this fact must be considered carefully in terms of your requested lawsuit settlement amount. If you’re forced to find a new type of job, because of your injuries, this possible reduction of income is also important to consider.

All this stress can make taking an early, low settlement very tempting — especially if you’ve lost your job due to your injuries. Try not to make a quick decision that will affect the rest of your life. You might be surprised to find out how detrimental job loss is to your financial security…now…and later.

The Solution: New York Pre-Settlement Funding

If you’re trying to hold out for the best settlement, it’s time to consider legal funding to get cash now, and help you buy some time. Alliance Claim Funding is a leading lawsuit loan company in the State of New York.  You might not know it, but your lawsuit may be worth money now, long before a final case settlement in court. When you apply for funding approval is based on the strength of your car accident case. If your case is thought to be strong, and you’re approved, you’ll qualify to receive a portion of the expected settlement immediately. This influx of cash can not only improve your financial picture, but it can strengthen you case.

Apply Today!

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