David vs. Goliath? New York Legal Funding Levels the Playing Field for Car Accident Plaintiffs

-new-york-legal-funding-New York legal funding helps keep your case strong and winnable. For many car accident plaintiffs who have filed a case in court, it feels like a David vs. Goliath situation.  The legal tricks and delays can make the little guy want to throw in the towel and/or settle early for a meager amount.

Why is a plaintiff tempted to settle their case early?

When a plaintiff files a lawsuit they do so to get a fair settlement, they work with their attorney to understand the timeline, upcoming events, and expectations.  The accident not only caused injuries, but has wreaked financial havoc in their lives; they want this all to end. They begin to realize this may be a long legal battle.

Car accident lawsuits filed by individuals are against large corporations, or insurance companies. Most of these big companies have tons of money to fund a fight against the little guy or girl who filed the lawsuit.  Typically, it can be a modern David and Goliath situation.  In fact, many of these large companies have lots of money and put in place legal strategies meant to cause delays.  They know that by dragging out the case, the little guy or girl will feel growing financial pressures which can force them to either drop the case altogether, or settle early for a much lower settlement amount.

This big company strategy is done with full knowledge what this does to plaintiffs. They use these legal tricks hoping it force the plaintiff to either drop the case altogether, or settle early for a far smaller amount. Either way, the big company wins, because they save money.

How to stay financially strong and WIN!

Since these lawsuits can drag out for months, and sometimes years, plaintiffs either have to find a way to fund their lawsuit, or get out.

Legal Funding is a great option for plaintiffs who need fast cash to pay bills and take the worry out of staying the legal course with their lawsuit.  Legal funding has become more and more popular in recent years as it’s become a fast growing financial segment.  Banks don’t provide loans for plaintiffs, and even if they did, it would only add one more cost to a monthly budget already stretched to the limit.  Legal funding is designed to provide needed cash to plaintiffs; its only role is to fund plaintiffs.

Most of the lawsuits filed are personal injury cases that cause injury, medical expenses, unemployment.  These issues are added on to a monthly family budget.  Even though plaintiffs and their attorneys feel their case is strong and worth pursuing, facing bill collectors on a daily basis is not healthy for anyone.

How Does Legal Funding Work?

Legal funding companies offer quick and easy applications for funding.  There is no credit check, or employment history required.  The funding is approved based only on the strength of the case.  Legal funding companies usually charge a percentage of the expected settlement for the funding.  The funding is not repaid by the plaintiff until the case settles favorably.  If for some reason he plaintiff loses the case, there is no requirement to repay even a dime to the legal funding company.

Once you fill out an application with a company like Alliance Claim Funding, they will work with your attorney to obtain specific documentation about your case.  Once the paperwork is in order, it takes only a few days to get approval.  Once an application is approved, it typically only takes a few days for the plaintiff to receive the legal funding cash advance.

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