Great Rates for Your New York Car Accident Lawsuit Cash Advance

-new-york-lawsuit-cash-advance-When you’re shopping for a New York lawsuit cash advance, you want to be sure you’re getting a fair rate on the cash. Yes, you want to save money, but the truth is rates on money can vary, sometimes widely. Even though you’re stressed and desperate for money, it’s a really good idea to shop around and find a reputable legal funding company like Alliance Claim Funding, who offer the best rates in the industry.  The company not only offers new funding, but they will evaluate your existing loan and offer refinancing when appropriate.  If you qualify they buyout your existing loan with a lower interest rate.

You Get More Money!

As a consumer it’s always good to do your research and find the best product in any situation. A lawsuit cash advance is no different. You want a professional company whose team of experts understands what a plaintiff faces when going through litigation.  It’s tough to get by financially when your case is slowly moving through the court system. We know every single dollar counts for you and your future.

Why Refinancing Is Worth It?

If you’ve already received a lawsuit cash advance from another company we can help too. Yes, it was great to get the cash but what rates will you be paying at the time your case settles?  We can help you save money by refinancing existing loans. A refinance can save thousands of dollars over the course of the loan.  When the case settles you’ll have a lot more money for you and your family.

High Quality Legal Funding

Alliance Claim Funding is respected and well-known for its comprehensive collection of lawsuit loan services.  We move quickly to evaluate any plaintiff’s case for a first funding, or a refinance – when an application is approved we offer the most competitive rates in the industry.  Our legal financial services fill a huge financial need with plaintiffs that none of the big banks can provide.  We step in to help desperately needed funding at very competitive rates.  We offer lawyers and plaintiffs the funding they need to carry on with their cases, without the risk of being forced to settle early due to a low or non-existent cash flow.

Call For A Lawsuit Cash Advance Today!

In most cases, you will have cash within 48hrs.  Alliance Claim Funding is a reputable company providing lawsuit loans for car accidents. Alliance Claim Funding, LLC advances funds to plaintiffs pursuing damage claims; in return, securing a portion of the proceeds that may flow from successful case settlements. If the case does not settle prior to trial or loses the trial – the lawsuit loan is forgiven! You owe Alliance Claim Funding nothing!

To learn how victims funding can help get you emergency cash for your car accident personal injury lawsuit – and help you get the money you need now, and apply for great rates on your personal injury claim, give us a call, toll free, at 888-732-3389 or complete the contact form on the left. If you’re ready to get started, you can complete the application form.