Need Cash Quickly? Get to Know Legal Financing

Sadly, people are involved in personal injuries every single day.  Once an injury occurs it’s important to seek medical attention, and then consider your next steps.  If the injury was clearly at the fault of someone else, you may be able to file a lawsuit to reap damages for medical expenses, loss of work, and many others.

Personal injury lawsuits are typically filed for a wide variety of reasons – wrongful death, personal injury, neglect, worker’s compensation, class action, and even civil rights.   For most of the plaintiffs who file these personal injury lawsuits there is financial assistance in the form of legal financing available.  These cash advance funds are sometimes called lawsuit loans; however they are not regular bank loans.  Legal financing is approved due to the strength of the case.  If your case is considered strong and winnable, likely there are funds available to help you pay bills and keep your case strong.

Legal Financing is a Lawsuit Cash Advance

When a plaintiff applies for a legal financing with a law suit cash advance company like Alliance Claim Funding, the application is reviewed prior to approval. The process is quick and easy.  The plaintiff in a personal injury case is approved for a cash advance based on the strength of the case.  While this type of personal injury financial assistance seems rather straightforward, there are some things you should know about the process and the funding.

Approval is Based on the Strength of the Case

For legal financing companies reviewing a personal injury case, they look at the strength of the case.  It’s not likely your lawsuit cash advance will be approved if the case is not strong and thought to be winnable in court.  Legal financing is not a loan in the typical sense.  With a regular bank loan approval is based on credit history, employment history, and even collateral for the loan.  With legal financing, personal injury plaintiff’s application is reviewed and approved based on the strength of the case alone.  There are no monthly payments, or any payments due back to the legal financing company until and if your case settles favorably.

That’s right, on the slight chance a plaintiff’s personal injury case loses in court, there and no payments required….ever!

Personal Injury Case Reviewed, Not Applicant

Interestingly, an individual whose case qualifies for legal financing, their credit history plays no part and has no importance to the law suit cash advance company.  These companies only care about the underlying personal injury lawsuit.  The case is reviewed, not the plaintiff (applicant) – that is the focus of the legal financing company.

Alliance Claim Funding

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Alliance Claim Funding. LLC is a respectable legal financing/lawsuit cash advance company with enormous experience.  Alliance advances funds to plaintiffs pursuing damage claims; in return, securing a portion of the proceeds that may flow from successful case settlements.  Applying for personal injury law suit cash is fast and easy, with money sent to plaintiffs immediately after approval.  Legal funding has saved many cases from settling and also taken financial pressures off cash strapped families waiting for a settlement in their case.