Motorcycle Accidents and Lawsuit Loans

Is a lawsuit for damages right in your case?

Motorcycle accidents are the most dangerous road accident. In most case, motorcycle accidents involve serious bodily injury, which can cause death or a lifetime of problems.

If another driver was at fault in your case, and your injuries are serious, you may be considering a lawsuit for damages. Medical bills and loss of work can mean a lot of financial stress on your family. Combine that with an insurance company –  for the at fault driver –  that doesn’t want to fully pay for your injuries and damages.

Before considering whether you should file or not, it’s important to consider several things.

  • Even though most personal injury lawsuits are handled on a contingency basis (meaning that you pay your attorney out of your successful settlement amount, attorney fees and other costs can add up and reduce your ultimate settlement.
  • Even if you have a strong case, and expect a fair settlement, the legal process can be slow.
  • Medical bills and living expenses add up while you wait for your settlement and this can put huge financial stress on you and your family.

Relieve financial stress with a lawsuit cash advance

 Lawsuit Cash Advances are a growing funding source that are very popular for those needing help to pay bills while waiting for a settlement in their case. Lawsuit loans are available through companies like Alliance Claim Funding. Banks and regular lending institutions do not offer this type of funding.

Lawsuit loans for motorcycle accident victims are readily available and don’t require the same credit checks and work history details as regular bank loans. In fact, lawsuit loans are approved only on the strength of the case. If you have a strong case, your loan will likely be approved.

There are no monthly payments with a lawsuit cash advance. The money is not paid back until your motorcycle lawsuit reaches a settlement.  If your case happens to lose, you never have to pay back a dime. If your case wins then you do have to return the lawsuit loan along with fees for use of the money.

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