When Can I Apply For An Erie Car Accident Lawsuit Cash Advance?

-car-accident-civil-justice-funding-An Erie lawsuit cash advance is a great way to ease financial stress and pay bills while you wait for your car accident case to settle. However, you will be eligible for a lawsuit cash advance when your car accident personal injury case is filed in court by your attorney. Once the case is filed you can apply for fast cash from a lawsuit funding company.

How Do I File?

If you’ve been involved in a car accident, that is no fault of your own, you’ll want to first get in touch with a good car accident personal injury attorney.  The attorney will take a look at your case and let you know if your case is worth filing, and what your chances of winning are. They will also advise you on the legal process, and how long it might take to reach a case settlement.

What’s Needed to File My Case?

Your attorney will want to see if there is clear evidence the case was another driver’s fault. To make informed decisions your lawyer will need the police report, witness statements, medical reports, and your insurance company information.

It Helps to be Organized!

The more organized you are, the more detailed your records, the better chance you have of seeing your case is reviewed fully.  The attorney wants to hear you side of the story, but more importantly the lawyer will want to read through official document, drawings of the accident scene, police comments, and medical records. The lawyer will not only be looking at the strength of the case, but will also be looking for how much this case is costing you, so an amount of money can be attached to the lawsuit.  The personal injury accident attorney will want to make sure the case settlement amount is enough to cover all your expenses, loss of work, medical and healthcare expenses now and in the future.

One more key element in your claim will be a review of your own involvement.  An accident victim should have a full medical exam right after the accident. This exam must happen right after the accident to not only get you the treatment you need, but also to have proof the injuries were a result of the car accident you are filing a lawsuit for.   A valid police report is just as important as a medical exam and records. The police report along with the medical report is extremely important to prove your case.

After the Lawsuit Is Filed it’s Time to Apply for Lawsuit Funding

You’ll probably need some extra cash to get you through until case settlement. Once your case is filed it’s a perfect time to apply for this unique cash advance.  Lawsuit funding is a quick and easy way to make sure you and your family have what they need during this long legal waiting game.

Call For A Lawsuit Cash Advance Today!

In most cases, you will have cash within 48hrs.  Alliance Claim Funding is a reputable company providing lawsuit loans for car accidents. Alliance Claim Funding, LLC advances funds to plaintiffs pursuing damage claims; in return, securing a portion of the proceeds that may flow from successful case settlements. If the case does not settle prior to trial or loses the trial – the lawsuit loan is forgiven! You owe Alliance Claim Funding nothing!

To learn how victims funding can help get you emergency cash for your car accident personal injury lawsuit – and help you get the money you need now, and apply for great rates on your personal injury claim, give us a call, toll free, at 888-732-3389 or complete the contact form on the left. If you’re ready to get started, you can complete the application form.