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Legal Lawsuit Funding: Know the Facts

Legal lawsuit  funding typically is provided in the form of cash advances given to the injured party in return for a promise to repay the advance when the lawsuit settles or there is a win in court.  This type of legal lawsuit funding is called “non-recourse” funding, which means the plaintiff is not required to repay the cash advance if the case is lost in court. If the case is a winner the repayment required is a percentage of the lawsuit settlement amount.

How do you get legal lawsuit funding?

Procuring legal lawsuit funding is an easy, straightforward process. The injured party contacts a company who specializes in lawsuit settlement funding; sometimes this contact is due to the suggestion of a lawyer.  The lawsuit funding company contacts the lawyer who is in charge of the case and reviews the information the lawyer provides regarding the case.

The application for legal lawsuit funding is quickly approved or denied after a thorough review of the case. The funder makes an estimate of the anticipated lawsuit settlement or case verdict.  Based on that estimate a cash advance is offered to the plaintiff. When the case settles the loan and fees are paid to the lawsuit settlement company.  The process is simple and quick.

How much money can you get?

Amounts of legal lawsuit funding can vary quite a bit, depending on the case and the company.  Funding amounts can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over $100,000, and can help plaintiff’s avoid financial ruin and pressures as they await the settlement in a long drawn out legal case.

This kind of legal lawsuit funding is really changing the entire legal arena. Prior to legal many plaintiffs were forced to settle their cases early due mounting financial pressures and commitments. They just couldn’t hold out for the settlement they were due. Funding now gives plaintiffs a chance to stay the course and see their cases through to a final verdict or settlement.


Plaintiffs who work with a reputable lawsuit cash funding company will find the application

process is easy and once approved funding is provided immediately via overnight mail.

This quick response time is a gift to those injured parties who are struggling to get by.

To learn how legal funding can help you, give us a call, toll free, at 888-732-3389 or complete the contact form on the left. If you’re ready to get started, you can complete the application form.




An Increase in Fraudulent Slip and Fall Claims Means More Expensive Burden of Proof

 Slip and fall lawsuits may not seem like such a serious or expensive affair—especially if you have never been in one—but like any other lawsuit expenses can stack up fast. What’s more, an increase in fraudulent slip and fall cases—those in which the accident is staged—means that more slip and fall lawsuits are getting scrutinized closer. Ultimately, that means more burden of proof on you and possibly increased costs to prove your case.

How attorneys work

In most states attorneys work on a contingency basis. That means they get paid only if you get a settlement. During the lawsuit legal fees, clerical expenses, and research fees can and do accumulate. Many times, in the absence of legal funding, the costs come out of the legal settlement.

Imagine going through the settlement and struggling to cover medical and personal expenses only to realize the settlement you receive at the completion of the lawsuit is much less than expected because of the fees that were reimbursed.

The size of your settlement can make a big difference

Plaintiffs count on that settlement to cover the costs related to their injury. Medical costs and time off of work can really put a dent in your financial situation. A large settlement can make all the difference in how quickly you get back on your feet both physically and financially.

Give yourself the time to be able to fight for the settlement you deserve

Obtaining the right legal funding can help you not only control costs that would otherwise blindly add up and need to be reimbursed, but it also means that you will likely be able to fight for a bigger settlement. Having the legal funding to keep up with expenses means that you can stick with the lawsuit and not have to settle for something less than you deserve.

Alliance Claim Funding can assist with legal funding. Legal funding from Alliance Claim Funding can assist with medical bills, living expenses and emergencies. You’ll get a cash advance with the lowest legal funding rates and fees. You get the cash advance to pay your expenses with no risk to you. The advance is paid back through the settlement and if you don’t win you don’t pay.

Make sure your slip and fall case gets the attention it deserves to net you the settlement you deserve.

To learn how legal funding can help you, give us a call, toll free, at 888-732-3389 or complete the contact form on the left. If you’re ready to get started, you can complete the application form.


Legal Funding – Are you Fed Up with Credit Checks?

One of the most common questions we are asked when working with a new applicant is whether we run credit checks during the legal funding application process. The answer to that question is “NO” we do not run or use credit checks.

Legal Funding Requires NO Credit Checks

While most financial institutions rely on credit checks for their loan and funding approvals, with legal funding there is never a need to credit reports of any kind. Since a legal funding agreement is not considered a typical loan, there are no credit score or history necessary. Yes, there are funds advanced to a plaintiff when an application is approved, it is not really a loan. The legal funding company actually purchases a portion of the proceeds, if and when the case wins in court. An applicant’s credit score has nothing to do with approval of the case for funding. What does matter is whether the case is winnable or not.

Background Checks Used Sparingly

When a plaintiff applies for legal funding, the underwriter must review and assess all related facts when considering approval. Since the money is not required to be repaid unless the case is successful in court, the underwriter needs to try and determine the risk Many cases are funded each week with their approval based on a few important documents alone – like medical records, police report, insurance information, and other legal documents.

The little information available for review must be used fully when considering approval of a case. Legal funding companies will sometimes use background checks after a case is approved for funding. They do this to see if there are any tax liens, or child support obligations or similar. There are some instances where a background check will be used during the approval process, if they use it then it’s to look for fraud which definitely would need to be considered when considering approval of a case. If the plaintiff did have a fraud in their background, even with a case that looks winnable, it could change the outcome of the case. The plaintiff might not be deemed a strong or reliable witness in court due to the fraud background.

However, most information gained from a background check has little effect on approval for legal funding. In fact, in many situations the background shows minor criminal offenses which have little bearing on the funding approval.

Legal Funding Misconceptions

Legal funding is a fast growing financial trend with thousands of legal funding applications reviewed every month.  This emerging financial trend was once considered obscure funding but today is a strong financial funding source for plaintiffs who are struggling financially.

Despite this popularity there are several misconceptions about legal funding. We will try to separate fiction from fact.

One big misconception is that legal funding takes advantage of plaintiffs. This is a common myth about legal funding, with some who say that plaintiffs who look to cash advance options like legal funding are taken advantage of.

The reality and the real truth is legal funding offers a financial safety net for those people who are struggling financially and unable to endure the long legal process without financial help.  Consider how plaintiffs are sometimes forced to live their lives?  Many are single parents, living paycheck to paycheck, with no savings.  If an accident happens in under these circumstances, a person and their family could be faced with unbearable financial responsibilities.  With no savings a person can be pushed into financial circumstances they are unable to handle.

With legal funding, a cash advance to help the plaintiff pay living expenses offers financial relief and can prevent foreclosure, pay bills and feed the plaintiff’s family.

Rather than taking advantage of plaintiffs, legal funding provides emergency cash help for people who don’t have savings or the resources to handle long term litigation.  Without this kind of third party funding the situation could easily turn into financial disaster.

Legal Funding not only helps relieve financial pressures but many times prevents plaintiffs from settling their case early for a far lower settlement amount.  Big corporations and insurance companies hire fancy, high priced attorneys who many times use this as a legal tactic.  They work to slow down the case knowing that the slower it is, the more pressure will be felt by most plaintiffs.  This legal tactic has been proven to work and since it saves companies a lot of money it is widely used to save on settlement money.

Applying for legal funding is fast and easy, with money sent to plaintiffs immediately after approval.  Legal funding has saved many cases from settling and also taken financial pressures off cash strapped families waiting for a settlement in their case.


Plaintiff Money Woes: How do I Obtain a Legal Funding Offer?


Plaintiff Money Woes: How do I Obtain a Legal Funding Offer?

If you have sustained a personal injury due to the fault of another party, it’s likely you’re looking to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. One of the most important things most plaintiffs fail to consider when filing their personal injury case is how they’ll survive financially as they await a settlement in their case. If you are a person who has sustained these injuries it’s important you consider your financial needs during this sometimes long legal process.

Should I Consider Legal Funding?

Legal Funding has become a popular and respectable  funding source for plaintiffs waiting for their cases to settle. Unfortunately, there are very few options for funding specifically for plaintiffs. Legal funding is designed with the plaintiff’s needs in mind. While it is called a “loan”, it’s really a cash advance provided to help plaintiffs get through rough financial times.

Legal funding is very different than a typical bank loan because when an offer is made from a legal funding company as a law cash advance, those funds DO NOT has to be repaid until the case settles. That’s right. There are NO monthly fees, no repayment schedule, no credit check, and no work history needed to apply for and receive legal funding.

How do I Get Approved

Approval for legal funding is typically quick and easy, and determined solely on the strength of your case. First you will fill out an application with a reputable legal funding company. The legal funding company will consult with your attorney to obtain the necessary paperwork needed to review the case fully. If during the full review it is determined your case is strong and likely winnable in court, your funding will very likely be approved.

If you think legal funding is right for you, be sure to let your attorney know right away. Your attorney’s cooperation in providing information and documentation about your case is necessary for a complete review and possible approval of you funding.

Legal Funding Offers Quick Approval

Once the documents are gathered and reviewed, your application with either be approved or denied. If the case is approved you will receive a funding offer from the legal funding company. Once you accept and sign the offer money is on its way to you immediately.  The money provided does not have to be repaid until and IF your case settles in your favor.  If the unfortunate happens, and you lose your case no money has to be repaid to the legal funding company.

Legal Funding – A Win/Win for Plaintiffs


Legal Funding – A Win/Win for Plaintiffs

Legal funding can be a win/win for plaintiffs who are doing their best to hang in there with their cases. Many end up turning to legal funding as a way to keep their case strong, and see their case find justice and the highest possible settlement. Without a cash advance from a legal funding source, a good portion of these plaintiffs might not be able to even afford to file the case. The plaintiffs who qualify are those who whose cases are strong and considered likely to win in court.

Cash while you wait for your case to settle

If the legal system worked in a fast fashion, justice would be swift, and its likely most plaintiffs wouldn’t need any extra cash along the way. However, the reality is most of cases take months, or even years to reach a verdict or a settlement. It is during this long period of time when plaintiffs start to feel the pressures of life and finances which can bring on enormous personal stress. The typical question they ask themselves is how can they keep their case alive, and not settle early? Since regular banks don’t have a financial loan designed for plaintiffs, legal funding offers plaintiffs the freedom and ability to cover their living expenses and medical bills while awaiting their final settlement.

Need for cash doesn’t force you into a premature settlement

In addition to a slow legal system, in many instances, big companies will delay the settlement as long as possible. These companies tend to use this as a legal strategy, they have the financial means to do this, and they know that by delaying the case the plaintiff may settle for a lesser amount.  Legal funding companies can help plaintiffs battle this strategy by providing plaintiffs the money they need to avoid giving in to legal strategies that work to delay the case.

 You avoid settling your case too soon

Legal funding helps the client avoid having to settle early. In most cases if a plaintiff decides to settle early, it is for a far lower amount than they deserve. Legal funding companies fund you with the money needed to stay the course. There is no money repaid to the company until and if the case wins in court.

No credit or background checks required when you apply for legal funding

Getting a legal funding cash advance is typically a fairly quick process. Legal funding companies do not require a background or credit checks, so the only requirement is that the plaintiff pay the agreed upon amount if they win their claim.  If the case is not settled, the company does not receive repayment for the money they funded the plaintiff.

To learn how legal funding can help you, give us a call, toll free, at 888-732-3389 or complete the contact form on the left. If you’re ready to get started, you can complete the application form.

Legal Funding Can Help Keep Your Asbestos/Mesothelioma Case Alive


Legal Funding Can Help Keep Your Asbestos/Mesothelioma Case Alive

Legal funding is a cash advance on your expected Asbestos or Mesothelioma lawsuit settlement. This type of funding is designed to help you NOW, when you need money. If you have the disease you more than likely need cash immediately to pay your monthly expenses and medical bills while you wait for a case settlement.

Mesothelioma cancer is an aggressive malignancy that spreads over many years. The dreadful disease attacks vital organs protected by the mesothelium . Mesothelioma can take 20 to 50 years to develop, which is why it is many times diagnosed in older people. However, more recently cases from September 11th ground-zero first responders and cleaning crews show that high concentrations of asbestos can cause the disease to appear much sooner. In fact, a few workers have already died of the disease.


It’s easy to apply for and receive legal funding.

1. Find a reputable lawsuit funding company. Contact them immediately and follow their guidelines.

2. Complete the quick and easy application. When you apply there is no application fee as a good lawsuit funding company should never charge an upfront fee, processing fee, or monthly fee.

3. Have your lawyer provide the necessary documents to the Mesothelioma lawsuit funding company.

4. Once you are approved for a lawsuit funding loan which is like a cash advance, the funds will quickly be wired to your bank account. C. Step – If approved for cash advance, funds are wired into your bank account, the same day. Of course, you can take a bank check also.


Facts about lawsuit funding:

If you are approved for lawsuit funding for Mesothelioma, you are not required to pay back the money until the case is settled. If on the slight chance you do not win your case, you will not owe a dime to the lawsuit loan funding company.

If you are plaintiff in a Mesothelioma case or if you are suffering and plan to file a lawsuit in the future, lawsuit funding can help you survive financially until your case settles.

Is Justice Available For all People?

The American justice system is said to be the best in the world. But, does that system of justice really offer full justice to every person? There are many who would say without deep pockets to pay for lawyers, pay bills, and stay healthy financially during the sometimes long litigation process — justice is not attainable for many financially stressed plaintiffs. Many of these plaintiffs have suffered physically, emotionally and financially. Their ability to stay the course and seek a final settlement can be a tough road in many situations.

If You Can Get There, You’ll find Justice

It can take a long time to see a case through the sometimes long and arduous legal process. Only those who are strong personally and financially can really find their way to a just settlement in their case. Many plaintiffs seeking a case settlement, face losing their house, car, not to mention the stress of mounting medical and personal bills. The world does not stop for these people, bills have to be paid, children have to be fed, and work has to be obtained.

Emergency Cash is Available

There is help for cash strapped plaintiffs, in the form of lawsuit funding. If you are a plaintiff in a lawsuit due to personal injury, you know it can take a long time to litigate a case. It’s quite common for plaintiffs to run short on cash during this long litigation process. In many cases, financial obligations are increased due to added medical and living costs due to a plaintiff’s injuries.

Lawsuit Funding Can Save the Day

While our court system does not have a program in place to help plaintiffs who are struggling to survive financially and see a case through – there is help. Lawsuit funding is a sound business choice for those who need emergency cash and funding to help relieve their mounting financial pressures.

A Cash Advance When You Need It Most

Lawsuit funding programs are financial programs available to offer cash advances to plaintiffs as they wait for a settlement. Lawsuit funding is a cash advance to the plaintiff, made against a future cash settlement. Many times this type of funding is called a “loan”, it reality it is very different from a loan. There are no credit checks, no employment checks or history necessary. If for some reason you lose your case, there is no money paid back to the lawsuit funding company.

The Benefits of Lawsuit Funding

There are numerous benefits to lawsuit funding. In many cases, the defendants are big corporations and insurance companies with deep pockets and fancy lawyers. They use full advantage of their money and legal help to devise legal strategies specifically designed to slow down the case – they know the slower the case the more pressure is put on the plaintiffs — financially and personally. They hope the plaintiffs will pull out of the case for good, or that they will feel so much pressure they are forced to settle the case early for a far lower settlement. Lawsuit funding is available to help keep plaintiffs personally and financially strong, so they can defend themselves and ultimately win their cases.

Georgia Personal Injury Law Firm Sued for Legal Malpractice and Fraud

In Legal Funding news……

Georgia Personal Injury Law Firm Sued for Legal Malpractice and Fraud

The Savannah Morning News reported recently that David Eichholz, CEO of Eichholz Law Firm has been sued for legal malpractice and fraud.  The newspaper reports the lawsuit filed alleges Eichholz is accused of improperly counseling a client to accept a settlement in an auto accident case, and also directed the client to a loan company created and run by his firm.

Legal Action Filed in Savannah

The legal action filed by the client, Angelita Sanders and her spouse, Mark, alleges legal malpractice, fraud and usury related to Eichholz’s representation regarding an April 2009 auto accident.

Along with David Eichholz, the lawsuit also names Pacific Legal Funding and the Eichholz Law Firm as defendants.

Defendant’s Father Recently Convicted & Disbarred

The article also notes that David Eichholzs’ father, Benjamin Eichholz, was disbarred in recent months after being convicted in federal court for obstruction of justice.  The elder Eichholz was said to have surrendered his license voluntarily after the conviction.  He put his son in charge of the law firm prior to serving his 21-month sentence in federal prison in Estill, S.C.

Doug Herman, who is representing David Eichholz, said, that based on the facts presented to him by his client, he expects to prepare a vigorous defense for Eichholz and his firm.

The lawsuit was filed in Chatham County Superior Court by attorney Mark Tate, alleges that Angelita Sanders met with David Eichholz after she sustained injuries when her 2004 BMW was hit and rear-ended in a three car collision.  Eichholz advised Sanders’ to execute a release, leaving $100,000 in potential liability from them being unable to recover all available insurance, the suit says.  The lawsuit also contends that Eichholz never disclosed to Sanders that Pacific Fundign was “essentially run” out of the firm, which the suit says in fraud.

The attached affidavit from attorney Tom Taggart said that Eichholz’s conduct deviated from the standard of care owed by lawyers to their clients and put the attorney’s “own financial interest ahead of his or her clients.”




Cash is King: Financial Survival of The Plaintiff

Cash is King

For personal injury plaintiffs, having enough cash to survive is of utmost importance to the success of your case.  The old saying, “Cash is King”, is very true when dealing with the financial struggles inherent with long drawn out legal cases.

The time may come to take swift action to fix your cash flow problems with litigation funding.  You may have suffered an enormous amount already.  If you’ve sustained a physical or emotion injury, you know how frustrating and painful life can get.  Once your case is filed, you also know the frustration continues as you await a fair and just settlement from the courts.  It takes time to litigate a case.

If you’re suffering, low on cash, and considering an early settlement, it may be time to consider applying for legal funding to ease your financial pressures.  In many cases, financial obligations are greater due to added living and medical costs due to a plaintiff’s injuries.

Legal Funding Helps Relieve Financial Pressure

Since the legal system has no program set up to help plaintiffs who struggle during this time of need, most plaintiffs feel alone and in despair at some time during the long legal process.  There is a sound business solution.

Litigation funding is a financial instrument designed to assist those plaintiffs who have financial problems that typically arise as they await settlement in their case.

Cash Exactly When You Need it Most

Legal funding programs have sometimes been misunderstood.  These financial programs are available to offer cash advances to plaintiffs at the important times as they wait for a settlement.  Lawsuit funding is a cash advance given against a future cash settlement.  While this type of funding is called a “loan”, it really is very different from a loan. There are no credit checks, no employment checks or history necessary. If for some reason you lose your case, there is no money paid back to the lawsuit funding company.

The Benefits of Litigation Funding

There are many benefits to lawsuit funding.  Big corporations are many times the defendants, with deep pockets for fancy lawyers.  Their legal strategies many times involve slowing things down to put more pressure on plaintiffs, financially and personally.  Lawsuit funding is available to help keep plaintiffs personally and financially strong, so they can defend themselves and ultimately win their cases.