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Lawsuit Cash Advance

Lawsuit Cash Advance Services

If you are in need of a lawsuit cash advance, Alliance Claim Funding provides the answer with our lawsuit funding solutions. Obtain a lawsuit cash advance with the lowest rates, fastest approval time, and with a trusted lawsuit cash advance company.

In most cases, you will have cash within 48hrs.  Alliance Claim Funding is a reputable company providing lawsuit cash advances for car accidents, workers compensation, settled claims, and hundreds of other cases. If you have a case, we have the cash! Alliance Claim Funding, LLC advances funds to plaintiffs pursuing damage claims; in return, securing a portion of the proceeds that may flow from successful case settlements. If the case does not settle prior to trial or loses the trial – the lawsuit loan is forgiven! You owe Alliance Claim Funding nothing!

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To learn how victims funding can help get you emergency cash for your car accident personal injury lawsuit – and help you get the money you need now, and apply for great rates on your personal injury claim, give us a call, toll free, at 888-732-3389 or complete the contact form on the left. If you’re ready to get started, you can complete the application form.

Georgia Car Accident Plaintiffs and Medical Expenses

If you’ve been involved in a Georgia car accident, and have filed a lawsuit so you’re settlement will cover all your costs – a lawsuit cash advance is a good option.  Alliance Claim Funding is a leading company providing funding for plaintiffs in Atlanta, Savannah, Athens, Augusta, or Columbus – or any other city in the State of Georgia.

Being in a car accident is tough enough, but there are added issues most people don’t expect.  Once you file a lawsuit there is typically a sense of stress over money. Medical expenses are one of those concerns. Even though you expect those expenses will be covered in the final determination of your case, the stress seeing all those medical bills pile up can be daunting.

Car Accident Medical Expenses

One of the biggest expenses for victims of car accident is medical expenses. They include all kinds of immediate and ongoing expenses. Initial expenses usually include emergency room, ambulance, doctor, physical exams, nursing, hospital stay, x-rays, etc.  Ongoing expenses include any expected medical costs based on the diagnosis and rate of healing.  It’s important to make sure your personal injury attorney is adding all those costs, and expected costs into you claim.  If your final case settlement doesn’t cover these items, you could face huge financial issues down the road. This is especially concerning if the accident is not your fault.

The Importance of A Medical Exam

Even if you think you’re fine after a car accident, it’s still important to get an immediate medical exam. Why?  An immediate medical exam is really important because many types of injuries don’t present until sometime after the accident.  If you aren’t prepared with a doctor’s exam results, and you wait too long, you will be questioned in court.  Your lawsuit might not be successful if opposing counsel can convince the court your medical issues are not a result of the car accident.

How Can A Lawsuit Cash Advance Help?

When you’re short on cash and bills are piling up, there are limited resources available through traditional funding sources. Banks don’t loan money to plaintiffs, and no one wants to max out credit cards with exorbitant interest rates. Legal funding in the form of a funding designed just for personal injury plaintiffs.

A Lawsuit Cash Advance Gives You Time & Security

A lawsuit cash advance is designed to provide you with the cash you need when you need it most…while you’re waiting for a final case settlement.  This type of lawsuit cash advance can not only help you pay bills and ease your financial stress but it can also help keep your case alive and strong – and avoid a low early case settlement.

Apply for a Lawsuit Cash Advance

Once your case is filed its time to consider your finances and how a lawsuit cash advance can help you pay bills and stay financially healthy during the time you’re waiting for a case settlement.

Alliance Claim Funding is a reputable company providing lawsuit loans for car accidents. Alliance Claim Funding, LLC advances funds to plaintiffs pursuing damage claims; in return, securing a portion of the proceeds that may flow from successful case settlements. If the case does not settle prior to trial or loses the trialthe lawsuit loan is forgiven! You owe Alliance Claim Funding nothing!

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To learn how a lawsuit loan can help get you emergency cash for your car accident personal injury lawsuit –  and  help you get the money you need now, and apply for great rates on your personal injury claim, give us a call, toll free, at 888-732-3389 or complete the contact form on the left. If you’re ready to get started, you can complete the application form.




Need Cash Quickly? Get to Know Legal Financing

Sadly, people are involved in personal injuries every single day.  Once an injury occurs it’s important to seek medical attention, and then consider your next steps.  If the injury was clearly at the fault of someone else, you may be able to file a lawsuit to reap damages for medical expenses, loss of work, and many others.

Personal injury lawsuits are typically filed for a wide variety of reasons – wrongful death, personal injury, neglect, worker’s compensation, class action, and even civil rights.   For most of the plaintiffs who file these personal injury lawsuits there is financial assistance in the form of legal financing available.  These cash advance funds are sometimes called lawsuit loans; however they are not regular bank loans.  Legal financing is approved due to the strength of the case.  If your case is considered strong and winnable, likely there are funds available to help you pay bills and keep your case strong.

Legal Financing is a Lawsuit Cash Advance

When a plaintiff applies for a legal financing with a law suit cash advance company like Alliance Claim Funding, the application is reviewed prior to approval. The process is quick and easy.  The plaintiff in a personal injury case is approved for a cash advance based on the strength of the case.  While this type of personal injury financial assistance seems rather straightforward, there are some things you should know about the process and the funding.

Approval is Based on the Strength of the Case

For legal financing companies reviewing a personal injury case, they look at the strength of the case.  It’s not likely your lawsuit cash advance will be approved if the case is not strong and thought to be winnable in court.  Legal financing is not a loan in the typical sense.  With a regular bank loan approval is based on credit history, employment history, and even collateral for the loan.  With legal financing, personal injury plaintiff’s application is reviewed and approved based on the strength of the case alone.  There are no monthly payments, or any payments due back to the legal financing company until and if your case settles favorably.

That’s right, on the slight chance a plaintiff’s personal injury case loses in court, there and no payments required….ever!

Personal Injury Case Reviewed, Not Applicant

Interestingly, an individual whose case qualifies for legal financing, their credit history plays no part and has no importance to the law suit cash advance company.  These companies only care about the underlying personal injury lawsuit.  The case is reviewed, not the plaintiff (applicant) – that is the focus of the legal financing company.

Alliance Claim Funding

To learn how we can help fund your personal injury lawsuit  and  help you get the money you need now, and apply for great rates on your personal injury claim, give us a call, toll free, at 888-732-3389 or complete the contact form on the left. If you’re ready to get started, you can complete the application form.

Alliance Claim Funding. LLC is a respectable legal financing/lawsuit cash advance company with enormous experience.  Alliance advances funds to plaintiffs pursuing damage claims; in return, securing a portion of the proceeds that may flow from successful case settlements.  Applying for personal injury law suit cash is fast and easy, with money sent to plaintiffs immediately after approval.  Legal funding has saved many cases from settling and also taken financial pressures off cash strapped families waiting for a settlement in their case.



The Lawsuit Cash Advantage

Life isn’t always fair and when injury and disaster strikes, we usually aren’t prepared for the many issues that result.  For many people who are involved in a personal injury, the initial injury is just the first in a long line of emotional and financial issues.  If the injury was caused by another person or company, the person will more than likely become a plaintiff in a personal injury case.

For many plaintiffs the wait for a settlement in their case can be a very trying time.  Bills still need to be paid and expenses need to be taken care of in a timely fashion.  If bills aren’t paid and debt grows, the financial consequences can be devastating.

A lawsuit cash advance can give the plaintiff a huge advantage, and help to save the case.

A cash advance is money that is borrowed against some type of collateral, or against a type of credit limit.  Cash advances are typically taken out by an individual either at their ATM or through a check a bank or funding source issues to a person.

A Lawsuit loan cash advance is another type of cash advance used by plaintiffs involved in a lawsuit and awaiting a settlement.

Typical cash advances do have fees for the use of the cash advance money. These fees are usually higher interest rates than the interest rate for regular purchases. Some credit card issuers charge a flat fee rather than a percentage rate.

Regular cash advances don’t offer a grace period to borrowers. Which means the interest on the funds begins accruing as soon as you borrow it.  To reduce the amount of money borrowed it is best to pay it off as soon as possible to avoid high interest fees.

With lawsuit cash advances there is NO fee required or interest payments due prior to the settlement of the plaintiff’s case.  While it is called a cash advance and sometimes called a loan, a lawsuit cash advance works differently.  Lawsuit cash advances provide funding to a plaintiff in a lawsuit with a cash advance against the favorable outcome of the case.

The funding is awarded based on the strength of the lawsuit and the money advanced is only paid back after the case is won.  If the plaintiff happens to lose the case there are no funds or fees required to be paid back.



Is Justice Available For all People?

The American justice system is said to be the best in the world. But, does that system of justice really offer full justice to every person? There are many who would say without deep pockets to pay for lawyers, pay bills, and stay healthy financially during the sometimes long litigation process — justice is not attainable for many financially stressed plaintiffs. Many of these plaintiffs have suffered physically, emotionally and financially. Their ability to stay the course and seek a final settlement can be a tough road in many situations.

If You Can Get There, You’ll find Justice

It can take a long time to see a case through the sometimes long and arduous legal process. Only those who are strong personally and financially can really find their way to a just settlement in their case. Many plaintiffs seeking a case settlement, face losing their house, car, not to mention the stress of mounting medical and personal bills. The world does not stop for these people, bills have to be paid, children have to be fed, and work has to be obtained.

Emergency Cash is Available

There is help for cash strapped plaintiffs, in the form of lawsuit funding. If you are a plaintiff in a lawsuit due to personal injury, you know it can take a long time to litigate a case. It’s quite common for plaintiffs to run short on cash during this long litigation process. In many cases, financial obligations are increased due to added medical and living costs due to a plaintiff’s injuries.

Lawsuit Funding Can Save the Day

While our court system does not have a program in place to help plaintiffs who are struggling to survive financially and see a case through – there is help. Lawsuit funding is a sound business choice for those who need emergency cash and funding to help relieve their mounting financial pressures.

A Cash Advance When You Need It Most

Lawsuit funding programs are financial programs available to offer cash advances to plaintiffs as they wait for a settlement. Lawsuit funding is a cash advance to the plaintiff, made against a future cash settlement. Many times this type of funding is called a “loan”, it reality it is very different from a loan. There are no credit checks, no employment checks or history necessary. If for some reason you lose your case, there is no money paid back to the lawsuit funding company.

The Benefits of Lawsuit Funding

There are numerous benefits to lawsuit funding. In many cases, the defendants are big corporations and insurance companies with deep pockets and fancy lawyers. They use full advantage of their money and legal help to devise legal strategies specifically designed to slow down the case – they know the slower the case the more pressure is put on the plaintiffs — financially and personally. They hope the plaintiffs will pull out of the case for good, or that they will feel so much pressure they are forced to settle the case early for a far lower settlement. Lawsuit funding is available to help keep plaintiffs personally and financially strong, so they can defend themselves and ultimately win their cases.

Are you a Plaintiff Surviving on Risky Credit Cards?

If you’re a plaintiff and have filed a case chances are you might be starting to struggle with  growing financial pressures, as you wait for a case settlement.  It’s really a difficult dilemma because you need money now, but if you settle now it’s likely you will not receive a fair settlement in the amount you deserve.  But, the bills are mounting, and your credit cards are helping you survive at outrageous interest rates.  There is help for you with litigation funding in the form of a lawsuit cash advance.

Litigation takes time, lots of time. It can even be years before a settlement is reached. During this time plaintiffs and their families typically feel struggles in trying to meet their bills and financial obligations. In many cases, plaintiffs have sustained a personal injury with added medical costs and even job loss or job change, which all adds up to make a the stressful situation. Many have to file bankruptcy to help them get through this time and others are forced to settle their case far too early.

A Lawsuit Cash Advance to the Rescue!

Plaintiffs who have a strong case and are feeling financial pressure many times consider a lawsuit cash advance. This is a special kind of funding or loan specifically designed for plaintiffs awaiting a settlement in a case. While this lawsuit cash advance is a loan it is very different than a typical loan. If your case is strong a lawsuit cash advance company will advance you a portion of the expected settlement funds so that you can pay bills and stay financially afloat during the long wait for the legal system to come to a decision on your case.

A Lawsuit Cash Advance is NOT a Typical Loan

This type of lawsuit cash advance is very different than a typical bank loan. Bank loans require you pay monthly payments and interest and application for a bank loan is based on collateral, job history and credit ratings. With a lawsuit cash advance the only requirement for approval is a strong legal case. There are no credit checks, job history requirements or even monthly payments with interest. The funds advanced are only paid back when the case settles in favor of the plaintiff. Interestingly, if the case does not settle in favor of the plaintiff, there are no funds required to be paid back.

Once the case is settled you will pay back the amount of cash advanced from the settlement funds. Typically the amount of the lawsuit cash advance is a percentage of the expected amount. You will also be required to pay interest or a percentage of the funds advanced. You will keep the remaining funds after the law cash advance it repaid.


It’s Been a Long Winter, Have You Suffered From A Slip and Fall Injury?

Litigation Funding from Alliance Claim Funding Can Help!

It’s been a long, cold, icy winter in many parts of the country, with many personal injuries sustained from slips and falls. If you were injured due to negligence by another party and have filed a lawsuit you may qualify for litigation funding from Alliance Claim Funding.

What is a Slip and Fall Personal Injury?

A slip and fall accident is when a person is injured due to a trip, slip or fall and is injured from that accident due to a dangerous condition on property owned by a company or another individual. While these cases are routinely called, slip and fall cases, they are really part of a broader area of law called “premises liability” cases. If the case is sound, the owner of the property where the accident occurred is held liable for the injury.

These personal injury slip and fall cases don’t just happen during the winter in snowy and icy conditions. They can and do occur in a wide variety of conditions and locations. They happen during all seasons, in a wide variety of different climates and properties. When someone sustains a personal injury due to a slip and fall accident, it is important to consult a respectable personal injury attorney who has experience at slip and fall accidents. Your attorney can review the potential case and advice you on whether your personal injury qualifies for a lawsuit. If the attorney advises you to proceed with the lawsuit, you may be entitled to monetary compensations from the negligent party.

How Can Litigation Funding Help?

Once you’ve taken care of your injuries, consulted an attorney, and filed your lawsuit, it can take time for a settlement to come through. This can be a stressful time as plaintiffs are typically dealing with the physical, emotional and financial stress that has stemmed from the accident. Financial struggles are routine in situations like this because of job loss, medical issues and lower income.  And litigation can and does take a long time.

Litigation Funding is a law cash advance of funds based on a pending lawsuit. The amount advanced is typically an amount less than expected at settlement. This type of cash advance funding is very different than a regular bank loan. There are no credit checks, employment verification, or monthly payments. Litigation funding is approved and provided based only on the strength of your personal injury case. No payment is required until your case settles. If you receive litigation funding and do not win your case you are not required to pay back the money.

The application process to obtain litigation funding for your personal injuries from a slip and fall is quick and easy.

Alliance Claim Funding. LLC is a reputable and experienced slip lawsuit cash advance company.






Lawsuit Liens and Law Cash Advance Funding Information

Plaintiffs seeking lawsuit cash advance funding typically have questions regarding the funding for their pending lawsuit. Typically when a plaintiff applies for funding with a reputable lawsuit cash advance funding company like Alliance Claim Funding, they have a consulted with their attorney and feel their case is strong enough to secure funding.

There are various issues involved with lawsuit cash advance funding that require some explanation.  Most personal injury cases have some kind of liens attached to them.  The first lien attached is usually an attorney’s fee that is paid to the counsel when the settlement is reached.  This is always taken into account when a lawsuit is reviewed for lawsuit cash advance funding.  Here are some other possible liens involved in a plaintiff’s lawsuit:

Attorney’s Fees –  As we mentioned, liens and contingency fees are common with litigation funding since most cases that are approved for funding are personal injury cases.  This kind of funding is approved by most state bar associations because it can help an injured party access the legal system. Most attorney’s have the first lien, which is paid prior to the plaintiff receiving any funds from the settlement.

Letters of Protection for Medical Services – Another kind of lien that is common in personal injury cases is an “LOP”, which is a letter of protection.  These letters are written by the attorney to medial providers who have treated the injured party. They can be for surgery, therapy, chiropractic, or any other type of medical treatment.  This letter serves as a guarantee that the medical provider will be paid out of the funds from the settlement and that the attorney will “protect” these funds for medical bills at the time of settlement.

Workers Compensation – In some worker’s compensation cases that involve the negligence of another person, company or legal entity (a third party), a lien is placed on the settlement funds for the total of benefits paid by the state. If an employee is hurt while working, the workers compensation insurance pays the benefits to the employee which includes the worker’s medical costs.  If the personal injury is caused by third party the insurance company has a right to receive proceeds to cover money spent.

Medicaid – These liens are similar to workers comp liens where those who pay for medical bills want reimbursement.  When Medicaid is involved, the Federal government seeks reimbursement for payments and places a lien on the settlement funds.
Social Security Disability  –  These liens are similar to Medicaid and the Federal government requests repayment for all SSDI benefits paid, if the injury is caused by negligence.

Lawsuit Cash Advance – Liens for lawsuit cash advance funding and the priority of these liens in the structure of the case is many times determined by state law.  Since these are voluntary loans between two parties a funding company might choose not to fund a case if there are already large liens present.

Lawsuit cash advance funding is available to help plaintiffs stay afloat financially while waiting for a case settlement.  These funds can be a huge help to those personal injury plaintiffs who want to wait for the case to wind through the legal system, which helps receive the largest settlement.

Don’t Settle! A Lawsuit Loan will Get You to Trial

Should you settle your lawsuit early, or wait it out and go to trial?  Many plaintiffs struggle with this important question.  Most are forced to consider their options due to financial pressures that mount while they await trial, where their settlement is likely to be far greater than with an early settlement.  But, with most injured parties they can become lawsuit rich and money poor, with bills to pay, families to feed, and if injured there are added medical bills to consider.

A lawsuit loan can offer tremendous help with a law cash advance that can help pay bills and keep your case alive.  Insurance companies and their pricey lawyers can and do hope for an early settlement.  In fact, they often make this part of their legal strategy, knowing most plaintiffs will run out of money during the long legal process.  They will even drag thing out and try every tactic to delay proceedings.  Sometimes the only way for a powerless plaintiff to fight back and stay the course is to find funding to ease the pressures.

Legal funding in the form of a law cash advance from a reputable company like Alliance Claim Funding can prevent you from taking a small settlement too early.  For many plaintiffs it’s the funding that makes the difference between a fair and just settlement and a mere pittance of what is due the injured party.

Early settlement offers are tempting but it’s important to discuss such offers seriously with your attorney.  Most will tell you not to accept the first offer.  They are best equipped to advise you on the strength of your case.

A law cash advance can help take the temptation out of an early settlement.  The influx of cash can and will help relieve the financial pressures causing plaintiffs to consider an early offer.  First take into consideration how much your personal injury has cost you, and your family.  Think beyond the current bills and financial losses and consider the future financial responsibilities.  Will you be able to meet those needs with a smaller settlement amount?  If you’ve been injured, will you be able to pay possible medical needs in the future?  Once you calculate your total losses and expected financial requirements, you can fully consider what amount you need in your settlement.

Going to trial with your case has many benefits.  You can probably expect your best settlement if you hold out for the best settlement, whether you go to trial or not.  You can get the financial compensation you deserve with the right legal strategy and proper funding.

A law cash advance from Alliance Claim Funding can provide you with the cash you need now and ensure you can hold out for the largest settlement possible for your case.  The application process is easy and quick. If your case is approved funding can be in your hands within days for most plaintiffs.  Read through our website for more information or give us a call today at 888-732-3389.

Lawsuit Advance Gives Help to Cash Strapped Plaintiffs

For those plaintiffs involved in a lawsuit who are feeling a financial squeeze as they await a settlement in their case, lawsuit advance funding can help.  It’s a great way to relieve financial pressures that plaintiffs typically feel during the long legal process.  This lawsuit advance is a pre-settlement cash advance made to plaintiffs to help pay their mortgage, rent, monthly bills and medical expenses.  The money can be used for whatever the plaintiff chooses.

A reputable legal funding company like Alliance Claim Funding will review a plaintiff’s application and once approved will provide the necessary funding before the lawsuit reaches a settlement.  The approval for funding is based only on the strength of the case, and does not require a credit check, employment history like regular bank loans.  In addition, typically there are no funds repaid until the case settles. And if the plaintiff loses their case, no money has to be repaid at all.

Lawsuit advance funding is a great solution for those plaintiff’s who feel the weight of mounting financial pressures.  The process for applying for funding is simple and once approved money is sent to the recipient within days.  Alliance Claim Funding will first consult your personal injury attorney to obtain all relevant documents pertaining to your case.  A full review will take place quickly and fairly.

The funding also helps keep the case alive as the plaintiff will not be forced to settle their case early due to financial worries.  This means the case will proceed and the ultimate settlement will be for the top settlement price, and not a quick early lower amount.

Lawsuit advance funding provides a non-recourse financial solution at a time when plaintiffs need it the most.  Non-recourse means if the case loses, there are no funds that need to be repaid, the cash advance is dropped and not even a penny has to be repaid to the funding company.

Lawsuit advance funding carries no risk for the plaintiff and serves to help them while their case is pending.  The funds also help the plaintiff’s attorney as they can focus on winning the case for a top settlement without worrying about their client’s financial stress.  The cash advance serves to protect the interests of the plaintiff and help relieve his or her financial problems.  This type of funding is especially helpful to those plaintiffs who have run out of cash and need money to get them by until their case finally settles.

Alliance Claim Funding
is one of the best known and reliable, reputable lawsuit advance companies.  Please read our website and call us with any questions you might have about obtaining funding right away.