Do I Need A Lawyer to Apply for Car Accident Lawsuit Loan?

While many potential car accident plaintiffs want to avoid hiring a lawyer, if you’re want the option of applying for a car accident lawsuit loan – you must have a lawyer!  And here’s why. Only those car accident victims who apply for funding with legal representation will be considered.  If you do not have a lawyer, you will not be reviewed or approved. It might seem logical if you’re not at fault, representing yourself should be easy. Think again.

Minimizing Risks

Lawsuit funding approval is based on the strength of your case. There are no credit checks, employment history, or collateral necessary for approval.  In order to have your application approved you must have a strong winnable case. Since you’re borrowing money against your car accident lawsuit, the funder has to make sure they’re taking as little risk as possible.  Not having a lawyer makes the risk greater.

Non-Recourse Funding

This is a fancy name for legal funding, which means if you lose your case, you don’t have to repay even a dime of the money given to you. It’s logical that without proper legal representation the chance of losing your case is far greater.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Plaintiff has no legal experience
  • Less likely to collect money if plaintiff wins case
  • Plaintiff might not have the staying power to see the case through to a final settlement
  • Plaintiff might not have the skill to win the case
  • Plaintiff might walk away from lawsuit

Apply for a lawsuit loan is quick and easy. You only need to have a lawyer and a case filed in court to apply for funding.  Once your application is submitted we work closely with your lawyer to review documents and details regarding your case. Approval is quick, and money can be in your hands within a couple days if everything is in order, and your case is thought to be winnable.

Strengthen Your Case

While there are fees involved with this type of lawsuit loan, this funding can make a huge difference in a plaintiff’s ability to continue the lawsuit, and not be forced to take an early settlement.  Many plaintiffs are forced to pull out early or to settle their lawsuit for far less than the lawsuit is worth.

Alliance Claim Funding will review your lawsuit with your attorney to determine if the lawsuit is worth the risk.  Unlike most loans we take out during our life, there is no need for credit checks or collateral as this loan is based only on the merits of your lawsuit and the perceived settlement amount. Also, unlike a regular bank loan there are no monthly payments to worry about.  All payments to repay the loan amount are done at the time the lawsuit is settled.

Call To Apply Today!

In most cases, you will have cash within 48hrs.  Alliance Claim Funding is a reputable company providing victims funding for car accidents. Alliance Claim Funding, LLC advances funds to plaintiffs pursuing damage claims; in return, securing a portion of the proceeds that may flow from successful case settlements. If the case does not settle prior to trial or loses the trial – the lawsuit loan is forgiven! You owe Alliance Claim Funding nothing!

To learn how a lawsuit loan can help get you emergency cash for your car accident personal injury lawsuit – and help you get the money you need now, and apply for great rates on your personal injury claim, give us a call, toll free, at 888-732-3389 or complete the contact form on the left. If you’re ready to get started, you can complete the application form.