What Is Medical Authorization? Should I Approve for My Car Accident Case?

-savannah-civil-justice-funding-We offer Georgia car accident lawsuit loans, and one of the many questions we hear concerns medical authorization.  After an auto accident an insurance company usually requests medical authorization. This means you’re signing over rights to have the company view and receive a copy of your medical records. While this might sound like a routine, normal request, it’s best to think any important authorization through completely before granting. You should definitely consult a personal injury attorney about matters such as this.

Deny Access to Records!

Because medical authorization grants not just access to medical records regarding your car accident,  but can also include previous medical records, financial information, and employment records, this is a serious invasion of your personal information. Not only that, but any information contained in these records can be used against you in court.  Never give any authorization or statement regarding your car accident without consulting your attorney.

First Steps!

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of being in a car accident, first seek medical attention. Once your immediate medical needs are taken care of be sure to contact a personal injury lawyer who will not only review your case, but protect your individual rights. A good lawyer will know what information is safe to share, and what is best kept private and personal.  Whenever you are contacted regarding the case, refer that person to your attorney for a response. You should always let your attorney handle all communications with the insurance company.

Can Giving Medical Authorization Hurt My Case?

Yes, it can.  They can obtain all your present and past medical, financial, and personal records and scour those documents looking for something to use against you in court. You deserve the right to keep your personal information private, and have your rights protected.  Lawyers for insurance companies have all kinds of tricks up their sleeve to get you to either walk away from the case, or accept an early low settlement. Their job is to save their client money, even if they know you’re a victim and not at fault for the accident.

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