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Pre Settlement Funding in California

Do you have a pending personal injury lawsuit in the state of California? Personal injury lawsuits can take many months to settle, leaving you without money to pay medical bills, your mortgage, car payments, groceries, and other living expenses.

California Lawsuit Cash Advance

California Lawsuit Cash Advance

Alliance Claim Funding can provide you with a lawsuit cash advance. Sometimes referred to as a lawsuit loan, this “loan” is actually an advance against your eventual lawsuit settlement. A Cash Advance is quite different from a loan. Because a cash advance is considered non-recourse it means that if you lose your case, the money is yours to keep with no strings attached. We only collect if you win your case or obtain a settlement.

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    Avoid Eviction
    Pay current or back rent
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    Avoid Foreclosure
    Pay mortgage payments

Lawsuit Funding in California

In California, you can start the lawsuit loan process at any phase of your lawsuit. Alliance Claim Funding is here to offer fast and easy California lawsuit funding to give you and your attorney the power to negotiate and maximize your lawsuit settlement.
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    No Job/Credit Check
    Cash advance Is based only on your lawsuit
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    No Out Of Pocket Money
    All fees recovered In your settlement
Lawsuit Funding in California

We Provide Lawsuit Funding In 39 States

Lawsuit funding services and lawsuit cash advances are provided across the united states. We service most states with lawsuit funding and settlement cash advances. Please select your state below to find out more about the services available in your state.

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Our legal funding rates and fees are among the lowest you will find. We work with you and your attorney to put together a lawsuit cash advance that meets your needs. Get your Lawsuit Cash Advance quickly!

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Personal injury cases can be a tremendous financial burden. Because of your injuries, you may not be able to work. Meanwhile, you’re behind on your medical bills and need to cover your living expenses.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Alliance Claim Funding will assess your lawsuit and determine the estimated settlement value. If approved, you’ll receive a portion of that amount as a cash advance. You’ll then repay the funding once your case is resolved and you’ve received your settlement.
Typically, plaintiffs who have a pending lawsuit and are facing financial hardship as a result of their injury may qualify for lawsuit funding. If you’re a plaintiff with a pending lawsuit and you are facing financial hardship as a result of your injury, you may qualify for lawsuit funding.
Lawsuit funding can provide much-needed financial support during a difficult time. It can also help relieve the financial stress that can come with a long and drawn-out legal process, allowing you to focus on your recovery.
No, it’s not a loan. It’s a cash advance on the expected settlement value of your case, and you only have to repay it if you win your lawsuit. There is no risk to you.
Lawsuit loans are a type of loan that must be repaid regardless of the outcome of your case, whereas lawsuit funding is a cash advance that doesn’t have to be repaid if you don’t win your case.
Click the Apply Now button, provide information about your, such as details about your injury, the specifics of your lawsuit, and the amount requested. Alliance Claim Funding will then assess your case and determine if we can provide funding.

We make reliable lawsuit funding solutions for plaintiffs that address your urgent financial needs.

  • There are No employment or credit checks required
    The lawsuit advance is based only on your lawsuit.
  • You will not have monthly payments
    While you wait for your settlement.
  • No out of pocket expenses
    All fees are recovered in your settlement.
If approved, you may receive funding within a matter of 24 hours of approval.

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More Information
Labor lawsuit cash advance

California lawsuit funding is becoming an increasingly popular option for individuals dealing with the wait, stress, and uncertainty of a legal dispute. Through California lawsuit funding, plaintiffs can receive available funding to cover immediate costs associated with their cases which gives them greater peace of mind. California lawsuit funding also provides a financial bridge between the beginning stages of litigation and its anticipated resolution allowing plaintiffs to focus more energy on the case at hand instead of worrying about how they will pay the bills. Although lawsuit funding in California may not be suited for every circumstance, it can be an invaluable asset during prolonged or complex lawsuits.

California lawsuit loans are a unique form of financing that can provide plaintiffs with a critical lifeline while they wait for their case to settle. This type of loan allows California residents to remain financially afloat while they pursue justice, without having to worry about the financial burden it brings. California lawsuit loans are so helpful because they are non-recourse, meaning that if the case is unsuccessful, then borrowers do not owe anything. With these loans, California residents have access to financing when needed and can always feel comfortable knowing that even if the case does not turn out as planned, there will be no need to repay the loan.

California residents currently pursuing a lawsuit or personal injury claim may be interested in California lawsuit pre-settlement funding. This financial resource provides those who have experienced physical or mental harm with the ability to receive funds prior to receiving a settlement from their lawsuit. It might provide necessary relief from medical costs and other expenses, allowing individuals the opportunity to focus on continued activity related to their case without additional financial strain. California lawsuit pre-settlement funding also offers the safety of having no repayment until after the case is settled, meaning that one can receive this potentially life-changing assistance without worrying about new debt before they even have resolution concerning their case.

At Alliance Claim Funding, we offer lawsuit funding services to help those who have a lawsuit pending in court but don’t have access to the funds they need. Our lawsuit funding process is fast and easy with no upfront costs or application fees. We provide cash advances against lawsuit settlements, so if you win or settle your case, we get paid back. The repayment amount depends on your settlement amount; it’s only a portion of what you actually receive from the lawsuit settlement. We understand that this can be a difficult time for some and want to make our lawsuit funding process as smooth as possible. It’s an assurance that legal financing from us will give you the opportunity to stay in the game and aim for a fair resolution of your lawsuit.