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Have you been injured in a bus accident? Do you need cash now to pay bills while you wait for a case settlement? Alliance Claim Funding has cash available now in the form of a pre settlement cash advance. This exceptional type of funding gets you the cash you need now to pay bills as you wait for your case to settle. This funding is designed to get you money now, when you need it most. The company understands the special needs of plaintiffs, and the difficult financial situation they find themselves in as they await a final settlement.
Bus accidents can be very serious with injuries sustained by pedestrians, passengers, and drivers of motor vehicles. Buses are thought of legally as “common carriers”, which means the driver of the bus has full responsibility for all the passengers they are transporting. Its true most bus accidents are unintentional they still take place and those responsible are legally able to be held responsible in a court of law. Statistics from the NTSA indicate most bus accidents are due to bad weather, dangerous roads, negligent driving, drinking alcohol, reckless driving, poor safety measures, lack of proper maintenance, and many more.

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Bus accident cases take time to settle, they can be complex cases, taking months or even years to come to a final determination. For plaintiffs in these cases this is a very difficult financial time for those injured and their families. Bills and expenses continue to grow and pile up, with little cash to pay them. This lack of money takes an emotional, physical, and financial toll on the lives of plaintiffs. A lawsuit cash advance from Alliance Claim Funding for your bus accident lawsuit is an outstanding solution to get you the cash you need now, when you need it most.
The accidents involved buses typically include: rear end collisions, parking lot accidents, front end collisions, rollover accidents, intersection accidents, and many more. These many situations make for complicated cases, which take a long time to litigate. Because buses are usually transporting many people, there can be many injured parties, and defendants. These cases can also become even more complicated when suing private companies, municipalities, and even school districts.

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Bus accident pre settlement funding gives you the emergency financial help you need to pay bills, and stay on track long before your case settles. This advance of cash not only gets you the money you need now, but it also keeps your case strong and winnable. Thus making sure you aren’t tempted by an early, low ball settlement offer.
Here’s how it works. It’s like a loan against your lawsuit except its better! There are no monthly payments. The advance of funds is paid back when your case settles, and you don’t have to be employed, or have good credit, because the application for funding approval is based solely on the strength of the case. One more great thing about a bus accident lawsuit loan, if your case does not win in court, you owe nothing – no principal, no interest, nothing!
Alliance Claim Funding is a reputable lawsuit cash advance company, with years of experience dealing with personal injury plaintiffs.

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