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Pre settlement funding for burn Injuries.

Take a few moments to consider the financial issues you face as you wait for your burn injury case to settle in court. You’re likely watching your bills pile up as the days and months pass by.

Burn injury pre settlement loans

Burn injury lawsuit cash advance

Alliance Claim Funding has a wide variety of pre settlement funding options designed as a financial solution to get you the money you need now, when you need it most. Our company understands the needs of burn injury plaintiffs and how challenging this time between filing a case, and reaching a settlement, can be.

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    Avoid Eviction
    Pay current or back rent
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    Avoid Foreclosure
    Pay mortgage payments

Burn injury pre settlement loans

Burn cases can be complex; this is why they can take months or years to settle. This is a difficult time for plaintiff’s who are in need money now to survive. They’ve already been through so much due to the injury. But it is during this time when the victim and their families struggle to pay bills, and with little or no cash flow it can take its toll.

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    No Job/Credit Check
    Cash advance Is based only on your lawsuit
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    No Out Of Pocket Money
    All fees recovered In your settlement
Burn injury lawsuit cash advance

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Lawsuit funding services and lawsuit cash advances are provided across the united states. We service most states with lawsuit funding and settlement cash advances. Please select your state below to find out more about the services available in your state.

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Our legal funding rates and fees are among the lowest you will find. We work with you and your attorney to put together a lawsuit cash advance that meets your needs. Get your Lawsuit Cash Advance quickly!

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Personal injury cases can be a tremendous financial burden. Because of your injuries, you may not be able to work. Meanwhile, you’re behind on your medical bills and need to cover your living expenses.


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Frequently Asked Questions
Alliance Claim Funding will assess your lawsuit and determine the estimated settlement value. If approved, you’ll receive a portion of that amount as a cash advance. You’ll then repay the funding once your case is resolved and you’ve received your settlement.
Typically, plaintiffs who have a pending lawsuit and are facing financial hardship as a result of their injury may qualify for lawsuit funding. If you’re a plaintiff with a pending lawsuit and you are facing financial hardship as a result of your injury, you may qualify for lawsuit funding.
Lawsuit funding can provide much-needed financial support during a difficult time. It can also help relieve the financial stress that can come with a long and drawn-out legal process, allowing you to focus on your recovery.
No, it’s not a loan. It’s a cash advance on the expected settlement value of your case, and you only have to repay it if you win your lawsuit. There is no risk to you.
Lawsuit loans are a type of loan that must be repaid regardless of the outcome of your case, whereas lawsuit funding is a cash advance that doesn’t have to be repaid if you don’t win your case.
Click the Apply Now button, provide information about your, such as details about your injury, the specifics of your lawsuit, and the amount requested. Alliance Claim Funding will then assess your case and determine if we can provide funding.

We make reliable lawsuit funding solutions for plaintiffs that address your urgent financial needs.

  • There are No employment or credit checks required
    The lawsuit advance is based only on your lawsuit.
  • You will not have monthly payments
    While you wait for your settlement.
  • No out of pocket expenses
    All fees are recovered in your settlement.
If approved, you may receive funding within a matter of 24 hours of approval.

If you don’t find your answer, feel free to give us a call  888-732-3389

More Information
Labor lawsuit cash advance

Burn injury lawsuit funding is a form of non-recourse funding provided by Alliance Claim Funding that covers living expenses while the client’s burn injury claim is pending resolution. Since burn injuries may require extensive medical treatment and cause significant disruption to a person’s life, non-recourse funding can help bridge the gap between the time of accident and the settlement or verdict of a case. This allows clients to focus on their health and recovery instead of worrying about how they will pay their bills during this difficult period.

The process for obtaining burn injury lawsuit funding from Alliance Claim Funding is simple and straightforward. All you need to do is submit an application online or over the phone. Once we receive your application, our team will review it and contact you within 24 hours with an offer if approved. There are no upfront costs or fees associated with applying for burn injury lawsuit funding from us; repayment is only due if your case settles successfully or goes to trial and wins.

To qualify for burn injury lawsuit funding from Alliance Claim Funding, there must be a viable claim based on negligence resulting in a serious personal injury such as burns or scarring caused by fire, electric shock or chemical exposure. Additionally, applicants must have retained an experienced attorney who has taken on all responsibility for pursuing the legal action on behalf of the injured party. After reviewing these basic requirements, our team will evaluate each application on its own merits to determine eligibility for burn injury lawsuit funding.

Alliance Claim Funding offers burn injury lawsuit funding to help burn injury victims bridge the financial gap during their legal proceedings. To ensure it’s doing its best to provide burn injury victims with the financial resources they need, the burn injury lawsuit funding process developed by Alliance Claim Funding is a holistic and rigorous system. It starts with burn injury lawsuit funding applicants providing a variety of personal details and other forms of information regarding their compensation case – such as insurance company names, policy limits, current medical bills, stated damages, etc. This information will be used for underwriting assessment to determine eligibility for burn injury lawsuit funding. Once approved and authorized by the court, burn injured individuals will receive significantly quick access to much-needed funds from Alliance Claim Funding that can be used to cover vital needs such as medical bills and living expenses until their burn injury claim is settled.