Burn Injury Lawsuit Funding

Burn Injury Lawsuit Funding

Pre Settlement Loans for Burn Injury

I hope you’ll take a few moments to consider the financial issues you face as you wait for your burn injury case to settle in court. You’re likely watching your bills pile up as the days and months pass by. Alliance Claim Funding has a wide variety of pre settlement funding options designed as a financial solution to get you the money you need now, when you need it most. The company understands the needs of burn injury plaintiffs and how challenging this time between filing a case, and reaching a settlement, can be.
Regrettably, there are over 2 million burn injuries a year in our country. Most burns are small and heal quickly, but those that are more serious can require medical attention in a hospital with a specialized burn unit. Many of these more serious burn injuries can take a lifetime of treatment. If a person is burned due to the negligence of another person, business, or entity, they are entitled to pursue personal injury compensation laws. Medically speaking there are many different degrees of burns. This is important for many reasons, but the degree of the burn can play a part in the amount of the compensation a plaintiff receives.

Burn Injury Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit Cash Advance for Burn Injury

Burn cases can be complex; this is why they can take months or years to settle. This is a difficult time for plaintiff’s who are in need money now to survive. They’ve already been through so much due to the injury. But it is during this time when the victim and their families struggle to pay bills, and with little or no cash flow it can take its toll.
Medical expenses are high for second and third degree burns due to the extensive treatments for skin grafting and high levels of pain. Third degree burns many times require reconstruction surgery with a victim left with pain for a lifetime. Most of these patients are either limited in how much they can work or they are out of work altogether, which can have a devastating effect on their financial situation.

Burn Injury Cash Advances

Lawsuit Loan for Burn Injury

A lawsuit cash advance from Alliance Claim Funding for the burn injury lawsuit is an excellent solution for a plaintiff’s cash flow needs. This unique kind of funding offers an emergency financial lifeline right now, when you need it most! This pre settlement funding not only helps pay bills, and living expense, but it also serves to keep your case strong. You won’t be tempted to take an early low settlement offer which is likely far lower than the amount you need to cover all related costs.

This is how it works! You might not realize it, but your lawsuit may be worth money. So this funding works like a loan against your lawsuit, except it’s far better than a loan. First of all, there are no monthly payments. You pay back the money advanced when your case settles. You don’t need to be employed, or have good credit, since your application for fast funding is based solely on the strength of your case. AND on the slim chance your case loses in court, you owe nothing – no principal, no interest, not even a dime!
Alliance Claim Funding is a reputable funding company, with years of experience providing solutions to personal injury plaintiffs.

Burn Injury Pre Settlement Funding in Your State

Lawsuit Loans for Burn Injury by States

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