Aviation Accident Lawsuit Cash Advance

Aviation Accident Lawsuit Cash Advance

Pre Settlement Funding for Aviation Accidents

Are you waiting for an aviation accident lawsuit settlement, and find yourself short on cash? Help is available now! Alliance Claim Funding offers several pre-settlement funding options designed for plaintiffs who need money long before their case settles in court. It’s a financial lifeline for those struggling to pay bills, and survive financially during this long and difficult time. The respected company has years of experience and fully understands the plight of those in a cash crunch as they await a final determination in their case.

It’s no secret that flying continues to be one of the safest types of travel, but accidents do happen from time to time. While safe, aviation accidents tend to occur due to bad weather conditions, poor pilot judgment, or combination of factors. While rare, these unforeseen incidents can be deadly given the nature of this kind of travel; high speeds, large aircraft, high altitudes all make for a higher fatality rate. Again, these accidents are rare but when they happen, the injury and fatality rate can be high. Along with them comes major media coverage.

Aviation Accident Pre Settlement Loans

Aviation Lawsuit Cash Advance

Aviation cases can be complex, not only due to the injuries involved, but because aviation law is complicated. So these cases tend to take time to litigate. But if you’re an injured party, or a family of a passenger who lost their life, time doesn’t stop and bills have to be paid. Unfortunately, aviation cases can take months or years to reach a resolution. During this time plaintiffs find themselves in a financial danger zone, knowing a settlement will come, but they struggle with how to manage their lives until then.

If the accident caused a fatality, the surviving loved ones are mourning the loss, so any additional financial losses just add to this devastating situation. Even if the passenger is alive, they are likely dealing with medical issues related to the aviation mishap. This predicament often means they can’t work at all, or work is limited; making cash flow minimal, or non-existent. Lawsuit funding from Alliance Claim Funding for the aviation accident case can be the best solution to ease the financial burden, during this challenging time.

Aviation Accident Lawsuit Loans

Aviation Accident Lawsuit Funding

Your financial health can be in serious danger during this time. Even though you know your case is strong and you will likely win, that isn’t helping right now when you watch your bills pile up. Aviation accident settlement funding offers a financial lifeline to plaintiffs when they need it most. This specially designed lawsuit cash advance, not only helps pay bills, but has the added benefit of keeping your case strong by avoiding a temptation to take an early, low settlement offer. Your case will stay on course to reach the final, best settlement.
How does it work?

The best way to describe this unique type of plaintiff funding is that it’s like a loan against your lawsuit, but its better! The good news is there are no monthly payments, and the advance of funds is only paid back when the case settles. You don’t have to be employed, have good credit, or put up collateral; because approval for funding is based solely on the strength of the case. If your case is thought to be winnable, your funding application will likely be approved. One more great thing about an Aviation Accident Lawsuit Loan; is that on the slight chance your case does not win in court, you NEVER have to repay the funds – no principal, no interest, nothing!

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Cash Advances for Aviation Lawsuits by State

Aviation Accident Lawsuit Loans and Aviation Accident Lawsuit Cash Advances are provided across the United States. We offer outstanding lawsuit loans and structured settlement cash advances.  Call us today 888-732-3389.

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