Automobile Accident Lawsuit

Pre Settlement Funding for Automobile Accidents

Alliance Claim Funding works with many people who have been in an automobile accident lawsuit. We understand the issues they face. Unfortunately, automobile accidents occur on a regular basis and can result in personal injury and sometimes death. In some cases, property is also damaged as a result of the automobile accident.

There are many reasons and factors that cause an automobile accident. The cause can be from speed of vehicle, quality of the road, vehicle design or even driver impairment. Sadly, automobile accidents account for a high number of disabilities and death in people. There is also a high financial cost to both individuals and communities.

Automobile Accidents Pre Settlement Funding is available

Lawsuit Funding for Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents that result in human injury are legally known as a personal injury. Because of this there are many personal injury lawsuits filed on behalf of those injured. In the case of death these lawsuits are filed by surviving family members. If the lawsuit is successful and negligence is found by the other party in the lawsuit, the plaintiff is typically awarded financial compensation in court.

Filing and waiting for a lawsuit settlement for an automobile accident can take a long time to move through the legal channels. It is typical for plaintiffs to feel mounting financial pressures during this long wait for an automobile accident case to conclude. Alliance Claim Funding helps many of these people by providing a lawsuit cash advance that helps relieve financial burdens.

Automobile Accidents Funding

Lawsuit Funding for Automobile Accidents

The amount loaned is usually a percentage of the expected settlement amount from a pending lawsuit. A lawsuit cash advance loan for an automobile accident is based on the strength of your pending lawsuit. If your lawsuit does not come out in your favor, the loan does not have to be repaid. So, in order to qualify for a lawsuit settlement loan your case should be strong and winnable.

Alliance Claim Funding is a reputable lawsuit cash advance company with an excellent reputation for helping victims injured in automobile accidents.

Qualifying For Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding

Auto Accident Lawsuit Loan Advantages

It’s easy to apply for a lawsuit loan. There is no paperwork you’ll need to complete and we’ll contact your attorney to get some information about your case.
Qualifying for a lawsuit cash advance is based entirely on the merits of your case. There are no  credit checks or employment verification needed to qualify for lawsuit funding.

You can use your lawsuit loan any way you want; it is entirely up to you. Here’s some examples of how other lawsuit funding clients used their money:

  • Pay off debts
  • Catch up on bills
  • Pay current or back mortgage payments – avoid foreclosure
  • Pay current or back rent – avoid eviction
  • Cover medical bills
  • Make auto payments or buy a new car
  • Cover daily living expenses

There are absolutely no restrictions on how you spend your money.

Automobile Accident Funding in your state

Cash Advances for Automobile Accident Lawsuits by states

Automobile Accident Lawsuit Funding

and Automobile Accident Lawsuit Cash Advances are provided across the United states. We service most states with lawsuit funding and structured settlement cash advances. Please select your state below to find out more about the Lawsuit Funding services available in your state.

Unfortunately, due to individual state laws and regulations we are NO LONGER able to provide lawsuit cash advance services in the following states: Colorado, Maryland, Minnesota, Kentucky, and North Carolina.