Where Do Car Accident Victims Go For Cash? Atlanta Lawsuit Funding!

-lawsuit-funding-Car accident victims are turning in huge numbers to Atlanta lawsuit funding, to get the cash they need NOW, long before their case settles in court. For many, they never anticipate the need for cash when they file their case in court. But once the case faces delays, money can and does become a huge problem. Plaintiffs don’t expect to need money because their case is strong; the accident was clearly not their fault. So this can be a shock to suddenly see how long and stressful it can be to reach a settlement in court.

The Right Help, The Right Time!

If you’re a car accident victim in need of cash, lawsuit funding offers timely cash, to avoid the financial stress while in court waiting for a settlement. This unique legal funding provides cash advances in varying amounts to assist plaintiffs who are trying to manage living expenses. As the case progresses, the bills needing payment also pile up, so its logical plaintiffs are faced with looking for financial options to find cash quickly. And there are no monthly payments!  Once the case is settled the funding company reclaims the cash they advanced to the plaintiff.

What is Non-Recourse Funding?

Lawsuit funding is known as non-recourse funding which is a fancy term meaning if you happen to lose your case; there is NO payment requirement ever.  Only if your case wins in court are you required to repay the cash “loaned” to you.  This is not like a typical bank loan, there are no credit checks, or proof of employment necessary to get approved.  Lawsuit funding is approved based on the strength of your case.  If the case is thought to be winnable, the plaintiff’s application will likely be approved.

Lawsuit funding is not classified as a regular loan under law, so they are designed as non-recourse funding.  The only collateral is a strong, winnable case.

The Advantages of Lawsuit Funding

There are many benefits to lawsuit funding.  Big corporations are many times the defendants, with deep pockets for fancy lawyers.  Their legal strategies many times involve slowing things down to put more pressure on plaintiffs, financially and personally.  Lawsuit funding is available to help keep plaintiffs personally and financially strong, so they can defend themselves and ultimately win their cases.

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