By Popular Demand! Allentown Car Accident Lawsuit Loan Funding

-car-accident_lawsuit-funding-At last!  If you’re a plaintiff in an Allentown car accident lawsuit, you are eligible for a lawsuit loan. This unique type of funding is a cash advance made against a pending settlement or lawsuit which legally never has to be to repaid if the case loses in court. Typically this type of funding is sought for a plaintiff who is waiting for a case to settle in court. This wait can take months, and in some cases even years, to settle. During these years the plaintiff is faced with large medical bills personal expenses, mortgage, healthcare costs, car loan, and much more.

Lawsuit Loan: An Outstanding Financial Solution

Another option a plaintiff might consider while waiting for a case to come to a verdict or reach a settlement is to apply for a lawsuit loan. If you’ve been hurt, or lost a job, you may want emergency lawsuit funds to help tide you over until the case is settled.

A lawsuit loan gives the plaintiff immediate cash which helps them get through the long, drawn out legal process and wait, without worries and stress, for a fair settlement.  This type of funding helps plaintiffs stay current with bills and expenses during the wait until a settlement is reached.

No Credit Checks Necessary!

A reputable legal funding company understands the stress of financial insecurity many plaintiff’s feel as they wait the long months, and even years, until a verdict or settlement is reached. Once you contact Alliance Claim Funding, they will work quickly to review your case on its merits if approved will make you a funding offer.

While this is sometimes called a loan, a lawsuit loan is not a typical loan. There are no credit checks or collateral required. The funding is based solely on the merits and probable outcome of the lawsuit; in other words funding is approved based on the strength of your case. In addition, the amount received by the plaintiff as a cash advance is not required to be repaid until the lawsuit is finally settled. At that time the funder is automatically paid the amount due.  Also, one more benefit is that this type of funding is called non-recourse funding, which means in the event the plaintiff loses the case, there is no payment required at all to the lawsuit funder.

Call For Funding Today!

Once you’ve hired an attorney and filed your case, it’s time to consider your budget and how to handle paying bills during the duration of the lawsuit — until a final settlement is reached.

In most cases, you will have cash within 48hrs.  Alliance Claim Funding is a reputable company providing victims funding for car accidents. Alliance Claim Funding, LLC advances funds to plaintiffs pursuing damage claims; in return, securing a portion of the proceeds that may flow from successful case settlements. If the case does not settle prior to trial or loses the trial – the lawsuit loan is forgiven! You owe Alliance Claim Funding nothing!

To learn how a lawsuit loan can help get you emergency cash for your car accident personal injury lawsuit – and help you get the money you need now, and apply for great rates on your personal injury claim, give us a call, toll free, at 888-732-3389 or complete the contact form on the left. If you’re ready to get started, you can complete the application form.