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We make reliable lawsuit funding solutions for plaintiffs that address your urgent financial needs. Here are just some of the case types we specialize in lawsuit funding:

Automobile Accident Slip and Fall Labor Law Product Liability
Motorcycle Accidents Premises Liability Personal Injury Case Medical Malpractice

Quick easy application process

  • There are No employment or credit checks required – the lawsuit advance is based only on your lawsuit
  • You will not have monthly payments – while you wait for your settlement
  • No out of pocket expenses – all fees are recovered in your settlement

“I was nervous. I didn’t know how it would work. If I request the money now would I have to worry about paying back the money now? I had a lot of questions, but when I spoke to Tamie (at Alliance), she explained it to me and how everything works, then I felt a lot better about it.”

April Coonrod, Thomaston Georgia

Get your Lawsuit Cash Advance quickly – use it however you wish

  • Pay medical bills
  • Cover your living expenses
  • Cash for emergencies

Owe nothing if your case loses

You have a good case and want to get the best settlement you possibly can. Meanwhile, your unpaid bills are mounting while your lawsuit drags on and on. How much longer can you hold out? There is a solution – talk to us about a lawsuit cash advance. Get the cash you need to pay bills and living expenses today, while you wait for your case to settle.

“I was surprised that just from talking to my attorney about our (car) wreck and our injuries… that Alliance would just say OK, here’s some money to help you, because now days you can’t get help like that.

April Coonrod, Thomaston, Georgia    Read April’s story 

Our legal funding rates and fees are among the lowest you will find. We work with you and your attorney to put together a lawsuit cash advance that meets your needs.

Personal injury cases can be a tremendous financial burden. Because of your injuries, you may not be able to work. Meanwhile, you’re behind on your medical bills and need to cover your living expenses.

You want to get the money you deserve, but you’re worried you might be forced to take a reduced settlement , just because you need the money today.

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“The big thing was how fast they were able to process everything, since we desperately needed the money for daily living expenses due to medical bills.”  Read Robert’s Story 

Robert Meinberg, Suwanee, Georgia

We Provide Lawsuit Funding in the Following States

Lawsuit funding services and lawsuit cash advances are provided across the United states. We service most states with lawsuit Funding and settlement cash advances. Please select your state below to find out more about the services available in your state.

We are sorry, but due to individual state laws and regulations we are NO LONGER able to provide lawsuit cash advance services in the following states: Illinois, Iowa, Tennessee, Colorado, Maryland, South Carolina, Maine, Minnesota, Arkansas, Arizona, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, North Carolina & Vermont.

Funding Quick-FAQ

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Legal Finance

Legal finance funding is growing in popularity as a means of funding for plaintiffs waiting for settlements in their cases. Many lawyers advise clients to seek legal finance funding from Alliance Claim Funding so they will not be forced to settle their cases early due to mounting financial pressures. This type of funding is called non-recourse funding and is used when plaintiffs fall short of funds to pay for living expenses, hospital bills and medical expenses. In many instances plaintiffs are faced with long court battles which can make meeting their financial obligations difficult.

The litigation process can take many years to reach a settlement and legal finance funding from Alliance Claim Funding can be a good option to ease financial pressures. Plaintiffs must be certain they can stay the course and that there is sufficient money to support financial obligations over this time. Many plaintiffs who seek legal finance funding from Alliance Claim Funding are unable to work and are not being compensated in any way during this long period. This can present a very difficult time for the plaintiff.

Plaintiffs seeking legal finance funding will find the application and approval times very quick and easy by Alliance Claim Funding. The plaintiffs' attorney will help supply the necessary information to Alliance Claim Funding and then the application is reviewed and approved based purely on the merits of the case. Legal finance is not like a typical loan where credit and work history are taken into account. This type of funding does not require credit checks or information about work history, but is based solely on the merits of the case. Also, no payments or interest on this money is due until the case settles. If the case does not win the plaintiff owes no money at all to Alliance Claim Funding.

Lawsuit Loan

Alliance Claim Funding provides lawsuit loan funding when plaintiffs need it most. While most people are aware of what a lawsuit is, and the inherent costs to litigation, most are surprised to find there is lawsuit loan funding available to them. A lawsuit loan is a type of cash advance to help plaintiffs waiting for a settlement to survive financially and stay current with daily financial obligations. Alliance Claim Funding knows the legal process can be long and difficult which can cause many financial hardships. That is why a lawsuit loan makes a lot of sense and can be the key to staying the legal course and keeping a case alive.

A lawsuit loan can be a financial lifesaver. If you've been in an accident or suffered any type of personal injury you could be out of work for months, or even years. Typically you will consult an attorney and together you will file a lawsuit against the party who caused the personal injury. From that point on it takes patience, confidence in your case, and money to take care of financial needs. As you wait bills still need to be paid as you have many bills to pay.

Everyone injured party, whether alone or sole bread winner of a family, has expenses where a lawsuit loan can come in handy. During the long litigation process while waiting for a case to settle, bills can pile up and credit cards many times are maxed out. The mortgage or rent has to be paid as well as holiday costs. A lawsuit loan from Alliance Claim Funding is meant to help in exactly this type of situation.

When battling insurance companies many times their strategy is to drag out the proceedings knowing the longer the wait, the weaker the plaintiff is financially. Without a lawsuit loan many plaintiffs are forced to settle early.

If you are a plaintiff in an accident, personal injury, slip and fall case, or injured with a faulty product, you more than likely have an excellent attorney fighting on your behalf. Alliance Claim Funding's lawsuit loan can be an important ingredient to the successful outcome of your case and your life.

Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit loans from Alliance Claim Funding come in the form of money advanced by a to plaintiffs in a liability, personal injury or civil lawsuit claim which seeks compensation to the injured party. Court settlements in these cases can take a very long time, sometimes even years. During this time plaintiffs and their families can be very stressed financially and often times will contact Alliance Claim Funding to ask about lawsuit loans to provide the necessary money to pay living expenses and medical bills without being forced to settle the case too soon.

Lawsuit loans are not really loans as we typically know them, but really an advance of funds that only need to be paid back when the case is settled successfully. This successful settlement repayment means if the plaintiff's case does not win none of the funds need to be repaid. In addition, lawsuit loans do not require good credit or work history. The loan application is merely based on the merits of the case alone. If the case is strong there is an excellent chance a lawsuit loan will be approved and funding will be provided quickly � many times within a few days.

Before lawsuit loans are approved by Alliance Claim Funding, they will review the case in full with the help of documentation provided by the attorney. This is done to assess the strength of the case and whether there is a good chance the case will win in court. Also the funder will determine what the case is worth. The lawsuit loans are reviewed using many examples of other similar cases and settlement amounts. Once the lawsuit loan is approved there is no monthly fee or even interest due until the case settles. Only when the case wins is there any money due for lawsuit loans.

Lawsuit Funding

Alliance Claim Funding knows that plaintiffs who are involved in lawsuits may need to turn to lawsuit funding when facing the deep financial pressures. Many times these plaintiffs are unable to work and have little or no income. Lawsuit funding has become very popular in recent years as plaintiffs and attorneys have turned in huge numbers to lawsuit funding companies for the money they need to keep their cases alive.

Lawsuit funding can save these victims and their families from losing their homes and financial catastrophe. These funding companies provide this fast cash without the need for credit checks or employment history. The lawsuit loan application process is quick and money is provided within a few days of the plaintiff's application approval. Many plaintiffs have no idea this type of lawsuit funding is available from Alliance Claim Funding, prior to the settlement of their case. If the plaintiff's case is strong the lawsuit funding is likely to be approved and this funding does not have to be repaid until the case finally settles. The amount offered in funding is determined by reviewing the strength of the case and by comparing the case to other successful cases and the settlement amounts.

Lawsuit funding helps the little guy find justice. Before lawsuit funding plaintiffs were given little choice and were forced to settle their cases far too soon due to personal financial pressures. Today with lawsuit funding plaintiffs with a strong and winnable case can keep their case alive and get the justice they deserve.

Lawsuit loans are also great because they don't require any repayment to be made until the case settles and if the case happens to lose nothing has to be repaid.

Lawsuit Advance

Alliance Claim Funding understands that personal injury cases can take time to settle and many times plaintiffs need a lawsuit advance of cash to meet their financial needs. Because these cases can drag out funding is necessary to help those plaintiffs with a strong case, hold out for the best possible settlement.

The application process with Alliance Claim Funding is fast and reviews are handled professionally and with great skill. Lawsuit advance funding can be provided in a few short days once approval is made.

The process is easy and begins once the lawyer accepts the case. After that the lawyer and plaintiff discuss the case and the financial needs of the injured party. Then they contact Alliance Claim funding to begin the application process for a lawsuit advance. We review the strength of the case and decide if it's a viable case for funding and in what amount. The next step is to forward the lawsuit advance funding to the plaintiff. Only when the case settles is any money from the lawsuit advance required to be repaid to Alliance Claim Funding.

Because Alliance Claim Funding is a professional, highly respected lawsuit advance company, we work quickly to review and approve funding to those with strong cases. Not all cases can be approved but in any case we work fast to review and let you know one way or another. And we will do everything possible to help any plaintiff meet their financial obligations through a lawsuit advance.

Lawsuit Cash Advance

Many injured parties involved in a personal injury lawsuit can be helped with a lawsuit cash advance from Alliance Claim Funding. Plaintiffs must first ask themselves if they want to settle quickly or take their personal injury claim to trail. It's a difficult decision to determine if you should take an early settlement or to go to trial hoping for a larger monetary reward.

A lawsuit cash advance from Alliance Claim Funding can help ease financial pressures which allow you to go to trial. This type of lawsuit cash advance funding can make a huge difference in the success of a lawsuit and help plaintiffs stay the course at trial rather than accept a very low early settlement.

It's important to discuss the case with your lawyer but typically they advise not to take the first offer made by an insurance company and consider a lawsuit cash advance. Taking an early settlement is very tempting as litigation can take a very long time. But, with a lawsuit cash advance injured parties can many times receive the settlement they deserve if they can stick with their lawsuit and not be forced to settle early.

Alliance Claim Funding advises the importance of considering not only your present bills and medical expenses but those that can crop up as a result of your injuries, in the future. An early settlement can short change a plaintiff and deny them money in the future when anything can happen. In addition, injuries can prevent plaintiffs from working or from working in the field or position previously held. This loss in income needs to be considered when considering a lawsuit cash advance.

A lawsuit cash advance can help you avoid taking a settlement too quickly out of desperation and financial worry. The application process with Alliance Claim Funding is quick and easy. If your case is approved for funding it only takes a few days to receive your lawsuit cash advance.