What You Need to Know: Legal Financing and Premises Liability Cases

Legal financing is not only available for premises liability plaintiffs, but can provide much needed emergency cash.  Legally, anyone who sustains injuries while on a  property owned by another,  is likely entitled to seek financial compensation from whoever owns the property — if it is thought something on the premises caused the accident.

Premises Liability Holds Owners Responsible

The laws covering these injuries is known as premises liability laws, which holds owners responsible for making sure their properties are safe.  If properties are not safe, the owners may be held liable for any injuries from accidents.  One example of a common premises liability lawsuit is a slip and fall case.

Common slip and fall accidents happen when a floor has loose or damaged carpeting, a floor is wet or slippery, or if a floor is old or uneven.

Home or Business Accidents Are Common

Premise liability accidents can happen on any type of property, including private homes, or businesses.  Individuals will file a lawsuit against the property owner if they have injuries sustained at a business, like a store, shopping center, or a shopping mall.  It is less common for people to file lawsuits against homeowners because there is a personal connection to the owner.  However, most homeowners are insured to cover personal resident accidents, so there is little financial harm done to the actual homeowner.

Slip and fall injuries are risky, and can lead to many types of injuries.  The injuries can range from severe to minor, depending on the type of accident, the type of surface the person falls on, and the impact.  Some possible injuries from slip and fall accidents are:  bruises, lacerations, head injuries, broken bones, and sprained muscles.  These type of injures can take a long time to heal, and the injured party may have pricey medical bills and even lost wages while treating their injuries.

During this time they may take legal action and file a premises liability lawsuit to recoup past and futures costs, including medical and loss of job costs.  During this time between when a case is filed and a settlement is reached, most plaintiffs try and do their best to stay healthy financially.

Legal Financing Provides Emergency Plaintiff Cash

Legal financing is a financial tool designed just for plaintiffs who are waiting for their personal injury case to settle.  It takes time – lots of time to wait for a case settlement.  During this long stretch, plaintiffs can head to financial ruin.  They have to pay rent, mortgage, personal bills, and even some medical bills related to their premises liability case.  It’s a tough time and adding to the inherent problems is the fact that there are few places to turn for financial help.

Legal financing helps thousands of plaintiffs every month, by providing a cash advance to the injured party.  It’s typically enough money to see them through to case settlement.  While it is called a “loan”, it is really not a typical loan.  First of all, to apply for legal financing you don’t need good credit, or a sound work history.  Applications are approved merely on the strength of the case.  If the case is strong and thought to be winnable in court, your application will likely be approved.

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