This Could Happen to YOU! Car Insurance Dirty Tricks Go Viral

YES, car insurance companies do play dirty tricks on their own insured individuals. They have a slew of legal dirty tricks up their sleeve to avoid paying money.  Victims funding is a powerful tool to use when facing insurance companies in court.

This last week a shocking story about dirty tricks played Progressive Insurance, reached the national media after social media took it viral.  It stated with a simple blog post written by the brother of a young woman, Katie Fisher, who died in a fatal car accident.  The brother, Matt Fisher wrote about the Progressive Insurance Company’s extreme efforts to avoid paying a claim on Katie Fisher’s policy.  In fact, Progressive jumped into a lawsuit filed by the family against the other driver.  They tried to join with the other insurance company to prove the accident was not Katie’s fault, to avoid paying the claim.

Shocking, right? 

The family’s attorney, Allen Cohen said, “It’s not necessarily unusual for an insurance company to go into court as an adversary of its client.”  This statement makes it clear these kinds of actions against people, who are insured, find their own car insurance company can and does go against THEM in court.

Katie was killed in June 2010 in a fatal car accident in Baltimore. Progressive Insurance tried to get out of paying a $75,000 claim to Katie’s family.  Even though the company insured Katie, they joined the other side in trying to prove the accident was his sister’s fault. They did this to avoid paying the claim.

Progressive never expected this story to make headlines. A little blog post from 33-year-old Matt Fisher of Brooklyn, whose sister Katie Fisher had Progressive insurance and was killed in a June 2010 car crash in Baltimore went viral, and hit national media headlines last week.

Support for the family came from all over the country and the world. And despite Progressive’s efforts to persuade the jury that Katie Fisher was at fault, the jury found the other driver negligent.

A Progressive spokesman said the company respects the jury’s decision.

 Victim’s Funding Helps Plaintiffs Avoid Dirty Tricks

There are many benefits to victims funding.  Big corporations are many times the defendants, with deep pockets for fancy lawyers.  Their legal strategies many times involve slowing things down to put more pressure on plaintiffs, financially and personally.  Lawsuit funding is available to help keep plaintiffs personally and financially strong, so they can defend themselves and ultimately win their cases.

Victim’s funding in Pennsylvania, is one of the only options for funding available for consumers who are forced to fight big insurance companies in court.  This special kind of plaintiff funding offers a cash advance to plaintiffs and helps plaintiffs avoid an early settlement by helping them get financially healthy.

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