Auto Accident Derails Couple

“We were in a wreak and it totaled our car and it messed up my fiancé pretty bad and he wasn’t able to work and we were getting behind on loan payments and insurance and everything. My attorney actually told me about Alliance and what they do and everything and that’s how I found out about them.”

“I was nervous. I didn’t know how it would work”

” If I borrowed the money now would I have to worry about paying back the money now? I had a lot of questions but when I spoke to Tamie and she explained it to me –  how everything works –  then I felt a lot better about it.

For the first loan, it took about a week to get the money. The first loan helped me catch everything back up. Then I actually had to ask for a second one and again that caught me right back up.

After I spoke to her about the second one – she told me that she needed to speak to my attorney is paralegal and if everything was Ok, she could do another advance. I had the second one within 48 hours.

“I’ve been able to keep going to the doctor and that’s helping the case”

“The attorney has told me “don’t rush it” let the case take it’s time because the problems with the type of injuries we had. Sometimes problems  with those kind of injuries show up later on down the  line and since Alliance has been helping me with these cash advances. I’ve been able to keep going to the doctor about our backs and that’s helping our case. If Alliance wasn’t helping me then me and my fiancé that were in the wreak – he would have to go back to work  – we’d just have to do what we’d have to do and that would hurt the case – so it’s helped a lot.”

“Now days you just can’t get help like this”

“I was surprised that they would just from talking to my attorney about our wreak and our injuries and everything I was surprised that Alliance would just say Ok here’s you some money to help you because now days you just can’t get help like that. If you’re in a wreak or whatever your reasons are there’s  not many more companies out there that’ll say Ok we’re going to help you and take on your case or your lawyer or your word that you’re going to get it back to us.

Everything about working with Alliance was fine for me – I wouldn’t change anything. It’s been easy to understand, you are not hard to get in touch with, and you’re very easy to work with. Tamie was very nice about everything. Even when I didn’t have the money to fax the stuff to her, she waited for mail to send things back and forth.”

April Coonrod, Thomaston, GA

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