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Tips on Lawsuit Cash for Asbestos and Mesothelioma Plaintiffs

If you are dealing with Mesothelioma or someone close to you has died of the disease, or if you’re a party in a Mesothelioma lawsuit, you may qualify for a lawsuit cash advance. This type of funding provides you lawsuit cash funds now, against the proceeds from your lawsuit.

A Mesothelioma lawsuit cash advance provides you with the funds you need now to manage your monthly bills and financial obligations.  This type of funding is a non-recourse cash advance.

Mesothelioma?  What is it?

Mesothelioma is the medical term that describes a cancerous tumor. The tumor is advanced by the body’s mesothelium cells that provide a protective coating over the lungs, abdominal organs, and heart.  One common type of the disease is called pleural Mesothelioma.

What is the cause of Mesothelioma?

The material asbestos is the major cause of the disease.  Asbestos causes a number of diseases and ailments which includes the very deadly cancer, Mesothelioma. Asbestos has been around as far back as the ancient Greeks and the root of the word means “inextinguishable”.

Who can file a lawsuit for Mesothelioma?

A lawsuit for Mesothelioma can be filed by a person who has developed the disease via exposure to asbestos.  If the sick person has died, the lawsuit can be filed by a spouse, child or close relative of the victim of the disease.  Or it can also be filed by an executor of the estate.  Sometimes the suit is filed by a close family member who is also suffering from the disease due to close contact with the first victim.

A settlement takes time


Those who have filed a lawsuit or are planning to file a lawsuit know it can take a long time to reach a settlement.  Typically defendants are represented by high power attorneys brought on by big insurance companies.  So even if the lawsuit is slanted in the plaintiff’s favor, these legal powers can use all kinds of delay tactics which can slow down the process.  This tactic is used knowing the victim is struggling financially and delays only put more pressure on an already hurt victim.

Lawsuit cash funding to the rescue


Lawsuit cash funding can help tremendously in many of these cases.  The funding is based on your expected settlement and provides a cash advance taking much of the financial pressure off.

It is important to contact a reputable lawsuit funding company for more information. The application process is quick and cash is advanced swiftly as well.


Important Questions to Ask About a Law Cash Advance

If you’re a plaintiff in a personal injury or wrongful death suit, or plan to be one in the near future, you might be wondering if you need more information about taking out a law cash advance.  These types of lawsuit loans are confusing to many, yet they are becoming more and more popular as a way to help plaintiffs avoid the financial burdens they encounter during a long trial.

How does a law cash advance help a plaintiff?

Most lawsuits take a long time until they are settled or a verdict comes in.  During this time plaintiffs can feel huge financial pressures as they attempt to pay all their bills. In addition, many times they have increased medical bills due to their injuries.  In most cases the legal scene is like a David and Goliath situation, with big insurance companies hiring pricey attorneys whose goal is to drag out the legal proceedings in hopes the plaintiff will just give up and go away. In fact, insurance carriers spend millions and millions of dollars a year to hire the very best insurance defense attorneys, hired to do just that.  Their job is to vigorously defend their clients.  Law cash advance loans are cash advances to the plaintiff which help them stay afloat financially during this extended period of time before a settlement or verdict comes in.

How do I pay my bills and expenses while waiting for a settlement?

One thing to realize is while most plaintiffs feel their case is cut and dry and very clear it is likely the defendant will defend themselves vigorously and may well have a completely different scenario on how the accident or injury happened.  It is import to keep in mind these people are against you and will do everything in their power to avoid paying anything. They are certainly not concerned about whether you can pay your bills, or not.

How high are the interest rates on law cash advance loans?

The first thing to realize is law cash advance loans, while typically called loans, they are not typical loans.  The funds are really cash advances.  If the funds were real loans it would be necessary to repay the funds no matter what the outcome of the case.  With this type of funding you only repay funds if, and only if, the case is won.  If on the slight chance a plaintiff loses the case, there is no requirement to repay even a dime.  There are fees charged by the funder for the use of the money, but these fees are not due until the lawsuit is settled.

Lawsuit Loan: Are there alternative funding sources?

Don’t be left stranded.  Taking a lawsuit loan cash advance against your expected settlement is becoming an especially popular option when dealing with the financial pressures while a plaintiff awaits a settlement in a case.  However, there are other options to consider when making your funding decision.  None of these options are considered viable to most people, but it’s a good list to go over and consider prior to taking out a lawsuit loan cash advance.

Credit Cards: While this choice can be an expensive alternative you can use your own credit cards to get by financially.  This isn’t a very good choice for most as it actually puts people at increased financial risk due to the monthly fees and  interest expected with credit card accounts.  With a lawsuit loan cash advance, you are not required to pay monthly payments or fees, which is a huge help while you await a verdict or settlement. You only payback funds once the case is resolved in a plaintiff’s favor.

Borrow from family or friends: This is another high risk option for plaintiffs.  In most cases friends and family will expect to be repaid the money they loan you – no matter what the result of your case is.  In other words, you’ll have to repay funds even if lose your case.  With a lawsuit loan cash advance, the company does not require that any funds are repaid until the case is settled and if you lose your case you are not obligated to repay a single penny of the money advanced.

Take out a bank loan:  Since banks do not typically make lawsuit loans, you would be required to use something else of value for collateral.  Banks could offer a personal line of credit but be aware this is based on credit worthiness and employment history. Even if you do qualify you would be required to begin paying them back immediately. This can put even more financial pressure on a plaintiff.

Home equity loan or second mortgage: This option is very very risky. If, for some reason, you do not win your case, you could lose your home. Also, they would expect you to start paying back the money immediately. None of this is the case with a lawsuit loan cash advance.

One of the best choices for funding is to take out a lawsuit loan. Alliance Claim Funding, LLC is engaged in the business of advancing lawsuit and case pre-settlement funding to plaintiffs.

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Lawsuit Loans Gain in Popularity with Plaintiffs

No Monkey Business!

Lawsuit loans are growing in popularity

Lawsuit loans have been growing in popularity in recent years. They are often chosen by plaintiffs to extend their lawsuits so a higher settlement might be awarded. The popularity is thought to be due to the economic downturn and related job losses making lawsuit loans a more viable choice for people who are struggling to keep their lawsuits alive. Many need help paying bills and to keep up with mounting legal bills, in the months and sometimes years they wait for a lawsuit settlement.

Lawsuit loans keep cases alive

At one time lawsuit loans were used for very large class action lawsuits and large personal injury cases.  However, today attorneys are advising their individual clients to look into this option to help keep their cases alive.  Many plaintiffs are dealing with the deep pockets of insurance companies and corporations who try to extend the lawsuit and drag it out as part of their strategy.  Their hope is that plaintiffs will run out of money and bow out due to the large financial burden they are carrying while waiting for a settlement or verdict.  They try their best to hold up a verdict in many cases in hopes of a low settlement.

Lawsuit loans help avoid low settlements

Most legal advisors counsel their clients to never take a low settlement without a full understanding of the financial consequences of such a low award.  But, in many cases plaintiffs are so stressed and mentally tortured by the financial situation they are in, they have no choice but to either drop the case or take a low settlement.

When a lawsuit loan company steps in and provides funding for a lawsuit the money is not provided as a loan.  Lawsuit loans are a financial arrangement made between the lender or Investment Company and the plaintiff.  A lawsuit loan is defined as funding borrowed and will be paid back in full when the lawsuit is settled, or a verdict is reached.

Lawsuit loans only repaid if plaintiff wins case

Lawsuit loan funding is non-recourse, which means the money is advanced and only needs to be paid back if the lawsuit reaches and positive conclusion.  If the event the plaintiff loses, the money is not required to be paid back.

Typically the fees paid to a lawsuit loan company average about 10% of the total expected settlement. Unlike typical bank loans, lawsuit loans are not paid back monthly.  They are only paid back when there is a final settlement reached, or a verdict in the case.

When is Settlement Funding Necessary & Appropriate?

As most of us know, there are no free rides.  At least not over a long period of time.  Settlement funding is necessary and appropriate in cases that drag on for an extended period of time.  Many of these cases can go on for years before a resolution is reached.  During this extended period of time that a case is pending the plaintiff must pay mounting legal fees and also have enough money left to live on. This can add huge pressure on a plaintiff.  If the plaintiff is unable to work, has a smaller income, or has higher care expenses it might become impossible to exist while waiting for the lawsuit to end.

How much does settlement funding cost?

As with any loan, there are fees involved with all cash advance settlement loans.  Since there is some risk involved in providing the funds there is cost associated with settlement funding loans. However, the cost is usually worth it to plaintiffs who are struggling to keep their case alive, while keeping a healthy quality of life.  Settlement funding companies review your case in depth and will only offer funding if the case has a high chance of coming to a positive conclusion.  This is done to minimize the company’s risk in making the loan.

It is important for plaintiffs to find the right settlement loan company before entering into an agreement for a cash advance.  It is advised to check with several companies to obtain the most favorable lawsuit funding terms.

Can my lawyer fund my case?

This is a typical question many plaintiffs ask regarding settlement funding.  The answer to this question is lawyers are prevented from providing fund to their clients.  State bar associations prevent such funding as it is believed when a lawyer becomes a funder to one of their clients; a conflict of interest is present that may change the relationship between an attorney and their client.  Since legally this relationship is meant to be preserved at all costs, no funding can come from a plaintiff’s legal counsel.

Typically the lawyer is involved with the settlement funding company to communicate information about the case as the company reviews the merits of the case.  This must be done to determine if the plaintiff can qualify for funding.  Also, many lawyers can suggest settlement funding companies to their clients.

How Does Lawsuit Settlement Funding Work?

You might be wondering exactly how lawsuit settlement funding works?  That’s why we’ve created these simple graphic images depicting  the steps in the lawsuit cash advance process.  This is the process you can expect when you work with Alliance Claim Funding for your legal funding needs.

What is a lawsuit cash advance 1.   Plaintiff Incurs Damages:

The initial injury or loss to an individual or group is the first incident or event. Whether you’ve suffered a personal injury such as a car accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, or you’ve lost a loved one in a wrongful death, this is the first step.

Lawsuit Loan - Get Attorney for Your Personal Injury Case2.    Lawyer Accepts Case:

When you feel you have a legal case to pursue you will consult a personal injury attorney or other attorney who specializes in the type of case you plan to file. Once you meet with your attorney and the case is reviewed you’ll retain the services of the lawyer to guide you through the legal process.

Lawsuit Cash Advance - When you need cash today & can't wait for lawsuit to settle
3.    Plaintiff Needs Money:

Filing a case costs money. Even if your case is strong and you expect a settlement or verdict in your favor, it can a long time to reach a positive outcome. In many situations, money runs out as the case moves forward and plaintiff’s struggle to pay for living expenses, legal fees, medical expenses, etc. This is when most plaintiffs’ and their attorneys seek lawsuit settlement funding from Alliance Claim Funding.

Lawsuit Cash Advance: Get the money you need while you wait for your case to settle4.    ACF Reviews Case:

Once a phone call is made toAlliance Claim Funding, their professional team immediately begins the case review process. This review is done swiftly to determine if your case will qualify for funding.

5.   ACF Advances Funds:

Once a case is reviewed and accepted for litigation funding, Alliance Claim Funding immediately advances funds to the plaintiff.

Lawsuit Cash Advance - You repay your lawsuit loan out of your settlement amount 6.    Case Settles:

Once the case settles the funds advanced earlier by ACF and payment goes to a lawyer’s trust set up to hold the funds.

7.    Advances Paid:

The advance is paid back in full to Alliance Claim Funding.

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