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Tired of Paying High Interest Rates on your Lawsuit Loan?


Have you taken out a lawsuit loan with another company? Are you paying too high interest rates on that existing lawsuit finance loan? If you are in this sticky financial situation, Alliance Claim Funding has an outstanding lawsuit funding refinance program that can help you lock in a lower interest rate on your lawsuit loan. This rate lowering can save you big money over the time of your lawsuit cash advance loan, and give you more money at the time of case settlement!

How Does Lawsuit Loan Rate-Lowering Work?

If you’re fed up with worrying about your financial situation, while trying to be patient waiting for your case settlement, the professional and respected team at Alliance Claim Funding will be happy to evaluate your case and find out if your case will qualify for a lower interest rate on your present loan with another company. If your lawsuit loan is reviewed and approved,  Alliance Claim Funding will buy out your existing loan at a lower interest rate.

Put More Money in Your Pocket at Case Settlement Time!

Once you contact Alliance Claim Funding their review team will work to evaluate and review your case. As you know, lawsuit funding approval is based purely on the strength of your case. Once your case is quickly qualified, you will receive a lower interest rate, which means more money for you when your case reaches a legal settlement. If for some reason your case does not settle in your favor, you will owe ACF nothing! The company’s excellent refinance program saves thousands of dollars for plaintiffs everyday! The program is designed specifically to put money back in the hands of those who need it most…..the individual plaintiffs who are working hard and struggling to keep their cases alive and stay financially healthy at the same time.

Alliance Claim Funding is known for their full collection of high quality lawsuit loan financing services. The company is reputable and experienced at finding just the right help for plaintiffs in financial need.

Competitive Rates for Lawsuit Loans

The company’s  legal financial services fill a financial need that none of the big banks will not provide.  The company steps in to provide much needed funding at very competitive rates.  As a legal finance firm the company is known for offering lawyers and plaintiff’s the funding they need to pursue their cases, the refinance program is one more great cost saving program in our package of funding services.

For more information on refinancing your lawsuit loan, at far lower rates visit Alliance Claim Funding.


It’s Been a Long Winter, Have You Suffered From A Slip and Fall Injury?

Litigation Funding from Alliance Claim Funding Can Help!

It’s been a long, cold, icy winter in many parts of the country, with many personal injuries sustained from slips and falls. If you were injured due to negligence by another party and have filed a lawsuit you may qualify for litigation funding from Alliance Claim Funding.

What is a Slip and Fall Personal Injury?

A slip and fall accident is when a person is injured due to a trip, slip or fall and is injured from that accident due to a dangerous condition on property owned by a company or another individual. While these cases are routinely called, slip and fall cases, they are really part of a broader area of law called “premises liability” cases. If the case is sound, the owner of the property where the accident occurred is held liable for the injury.

These personal injury slip and fall cases don’t just happen during the winter in snowy and icy conditions. They can and do occur in a wide variety of conditions and locations. They happen during all seasons, in a wide variety of different climates and properties. When someone sustains a personal injury due to a slip and fall accident, it is important to consult a respectable personal injury attorney who has experience at slip and fall accidents. Your attorney can review the potential case and advice you on whether your personal injury qualifies for a lawsuit. If the attorney advises you to proceed with the lawsuit, you may be entitled to monetary compensations from the negligent party.

How Can Litigation Funding Help?

Once you’ve taken care of your injuries, consulted an attorney, and filed your lawsuit, it can take time for a settlement to come through. This can be a stressful time as plaintiffs are typically dealing with the physical, emotional and financial stress that has stemmed from the accident. Financial struggles are routine in situations like this because of job loss, medical issues and lower income.  And litigation can and does take a long time.

Litigation Funding is a law cash advance of funds based on a pending lawsuit. The amount advanced is typically an amount less than expected at settlement. This type of cash advance funding is very different than a regular bank loan. There are no credit checks, employment verification, or monthly payments. Litigation funding is approved and provided based only on the strength of your personal injury case. No payment is required until your case settles. If you receive litigation funding and do not win your case you are not required to pay back the money.

The application process to obtain litigation funding for your personal injuries from a slip and fall is quick and easy.

Alliance Claim Funding. LLC is a reputable and experienced slip lawsuit cash advance company.






Asbestos/Mesothelioma Lawsuit? Lawsuit Loan Funding Can Help you Now!

The old saying says if you watch your pennies your dollars will take care of themselves.  This couldn’t be more true when you’re a plaintiff in a Mesothelioma or Asbestos personal injury lawsuit.  A lawsuit loan works to help an injured party keep their financial house in order while waiting for a lawsuit settlement.

A lawsuit loan is a cash advance based on your expected Asbestos or Mesothelioma lawsuit settlement. This lawsuit loan funding is meant to help you NOW.  If you have the disease you more than likely need cash immediately to pay your monthly living expenses and medical bills while you wait for a case settlement.

There are some easy steps to apply for and receive your cash advance lawsuit loan funding.

  1. Find a reputable lawsuit loan funding company like Alliance Claim Funding.  Contact them immediately for a quick and easy review of your case.  Once call them or visit their website,  follow their easy application directions.
  2. Fill out their quick and easy application. When you apply there is no application fee as a good lawsuit funding company should never charge an upfront fee, processing fee, or monthly fee.
  3. Your lawyer will be consulted to provide the necessary case information and documents to the Mesothelioma lawsuit loan funding company.
  4. Once you are approved for lawsuit loan funding, which is similar to  a cash advance, the funds will quickly be wired to your bank account the same day.

Facts about lawsuit loan funding:

If you are approved for lawsuit loan funding for Mesothelioma, you are not required to pay back the money until the case is settled.  If on the slight chance you do not win your case, you will not owe a dime to the lawsuit loan funding company.  In addition, while this type of funding is often called a “loan” it works very different than a typical bank loan.  The biggest difference is there is NO requirement to payback any of the money until your case is settled.

If you are plaintiff in a Mesothelioma case or if you are suffering and plan to file a lawsuit in the future, lawsuit loan funding can help you survive financially until your case settles.

Lawsuit Loans Gain in Popularity with Plaintiffs

No Monkey Business!

Lawsuit loans are growing in popularity

Lawsuit loans have been growing in popularity in recent years. They are often chosen by plaintiffs to extend their lawsuits so a higher settlement might be awarded. The popularity is thought to be due to the economic downturn and related job losses making lawsuit loans a more viable choice for people who are struggling to keep their lawsuits alive. Many need help paying bills and to keep up with mounting legal bills, in the months and sometimes years they wait for a lawsuit settlement.

Lawsuit loans keep cases alive

At one time lawsuit loans were used for very large class action lawsuits and large personal injury cases.  However, today attorneys are advising their individual clients to look into this option to help keep their cases alive.  Many plaintiffs are dealing with the deep pockets of insurance companies and corporations who try to extend the lawsuit and drag it out as part of their strategy.  Their hope is that plaintiffs will run out of money and bow out due to the large financial burden they are carrying while waiting for a settlement or verdict.  They try their best to hold up a verdict in many cases in hopes of a low settlement.

Lawsuit loans help avoid low settlements

Most legal advisors counsel their clients to never take a low settlement without a full understanding of the financial consequences of such a low award.  But, in many cases plaintiffs are so stressed and mentally tortured by the financial situation they are in, they have no choice but to either drop the case or take a low settlement.

When a lawsuit loan company steps in and provides funding for a lawsuit the money is not provided as a loan.  Lawsuit loans are a financial arrangement made between the lender or Investment Company and the plaintiff.  A lawsuit loan is defined as funding borrowed and will be paid back in full when the lawsuit is settled, or a verdict is reached.

Lawsuit loans only repaid if plaintiff wins case

Lawsuit loan funding is non-recourse, which means the money is advanced and only needs to be paid back if the lawsuit reaches and positive conclusion.  If the event the plaintiff loses, the money is not required to be paid back.

Typically the fees paid to a lawsuit loan company average about 10% of the total expected settlement. Unlike typical bank loans, lawsuit loans are not paid back monthly.  They are only paid back when there is a final settlement reached, or a verdict in the case.

How Does Lawsuit Settlement Funding Work?

You might be wondering exactly how lawsuit settlement funding works?  That’s why we’ve created these simple graphic images depicting  the steps in the lawsuit cash advance process.  This is the process you can expect when you work with Alliance Claim Funding for your legal funding needs.

What is a lawsuit cash advance 1.   Plaintiff Incurs Damages:

The initial injury or loss to an individual or group is the first incident or event. Whether you’ve suffered a personal injury such as a car accident, slip and fall, medical malpractice, or you’ve lost a loved one in a wrongful death, this is the first step.

Lawsuit Loan - Get Attorney for Your Personal Injury Case2.    Lawyer Accepts Case:

When you feel you have a legal case to pursue you will consult a personal injury attorney or other attorney who specializes in the type of case you plan to file. Once you meet with your attorney and the case is reviewed you’ll retain the services of the lawyer to guide you through the legal process.

Lawsuit Cash Advance - When you need cash today & can't wait for lawsuit to settle
3.    Plaintiff Needs Money:

Filing a case costs money. Even if your case is strong and you expect a settlement or verdict in your favor, it can a long time to reach a positive outcome. In many situations, money runs out as the case moves forward and plaintiff’s struggle to pay for living expenses, legal fees, medical expenses, etc. This is when most plaintiffs’ and their attorneys seek lawsuit settlement funding from Alliance Claim Funding.

Lawsuit Cash Advance: Get the money you need while you wait for your case to settle4.    ACF Reviews Case:

Once a phone call is made toAlliance Claim Funding, their professional team immediately begins the case review process. This review is done swiftly to determine if your case will qualify for funding.

5.   ACF Advances Funds:

Once a case is reviewed and accepted for litigation funding, Alliance Claim Funding immediately advances funds to the plaintiff.

Lawsuit Cash Advance - You repay your lawsuit loan out of your settlement amount 6.    Case Settles:

Once the case settles the funds advanced earlier by ACF and payment goes to a lawyer’s trust set up to hold the funds.

7.    Advances Paid:

The advance is paid back in full to Alliance Claim Funding.

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