Pre Settlement Funding

Pre Settlement Funding

Pre Settlment Funding for Lawsuits

When waiting for a case to settle is not an option, Alliance Claim Funding provides a solution by offering pre settlement funding for plaintiffs. Our pre settlement funding provides you with a lawsuit cash advance on a non recourse basis. Often referred to as pre settlement loans, this is considered an advance or pre settlement funding because it is non-recourse based. This means if your case is lost, the cash is simply yours to keep with no strings attached. To help you gain your financial stability while you wait for your case to settle, pre settlement loans have become the perfect solution with our low rates and quick approvals. Best of all, we do not require credit or work history to approve you for a pre settlement loan.

Pre settlement funding will relieve the financial burden without the need to settle your case for less cash than it’s worth. Approvals for pre settlement loans, or pre settlement funding, can be obtained in as little as 24 hours. Take the first step in obtaining your pre settlement cash advance by applying with a legal funding company that cares about each and every client by offering the lowest rates and the ability to track the status of the process and approval online.

Pre Settlement Funding

Pre Settlment Funding types

Below you will find a list of the personal injury and accident cases that we work with and different lawsuit types we have funded in the past with our pre settlement funding services. We have the experience to handle all case types for Pre Settlement Funding and cash advances on pending cases.

Pre Settlement Loans

Pre Settlment Cash Advances for Lawsuits

Medical bills and other expenses can put enormous financial stress on you and your family.

Level the playing field with a Lawsuit Cash Advance Don’t be forced to accept a low offer.  By relieving your client of their financial pressure, you get the time to pursue their claim, and maximize their settlement. Contact Alliance Claim Funding by calling 888-732-3389 or fill out the easy Online Application and one of our professionals will contact you.

A settlement advance pays out a portion of the anticipated settlement funds. Your client can survive until their case is settled and they obtain the award they deserve.

Pre Settlement Lawsuit Loan

Pre Settlement Solutions

The truth is, the time between reaching a settlement and then receiving the compensation is another wait, which you might not expect. You’ve been so focused on filing, fighting, and winning the case; it can be a shock to realize it could take another long period of time to get the cash you need to survive. If you’re injured and/or been out of work due to the negligence of someone else, you could be in serious financial trouble to begin with. But the time it’s taken to finally reach a settlement made matters even worse.

Yes! You need a financial lifeline to ease emotional cash woes. This one important solution can mean the difference between financial ruin and financial health, and well-being. Every plaintiff has a reason for needing the money now; some reasons include credit card debt, college tuition, monthly bills, car payment, mortgage, rent, and many more

Right Now, is the time to Apply for a Pre Settlement Cash Advance

It really doesn’t matter what you spend the money on, it’s yours to do as your wish. The funding professionals at Alliance Claim Funding will offer expert advice and outstanding customer service. The company will walk you through the application process. The process is designed to be fast, and efficient; getting you the money you need as quickly as possible.

Need More Info? Talk to a Pre Settlement Specialist Today

Take action today and once approved, we’ll get you the cash you need as quickly as possible. You’ll want to call us now and get the ball rolling to get cash in your pocket quickly!
To get started today and receive a FREE quote on pre-settlement legal funding, call us at 888-732-3389 or complete our contact form

Lawsuit Funding by states

Pre Settlement Funding by States

Lawsuit Loans and lawsuit cash advances are provided across the United states. We service most states with lawsuit loans and structured settlement cash advances. Please select your state below to find out more about the Lawsuit Funding services available in your state.

We are sorry, but due to individual state laws and regulations we are no longer able to provide lawsuit cash advance services in the following states: Colorado, Maryland, and North Carolina.