Plaintiff Money Woes: How do I Obtain a Legal Funding Offer?


Plaintiff Money Woes: How do I Obtain a Legal Funding Offer?

If you have sustained a personal injury due to the fault of another party, it’s likely you’re looking to pursue a personal injury lawsuit. One of the most important things most plaintiffs fail to consider when filing their personal injury case is how they’ll survive financially as they await a settlement in their case. If you are a person who has sustained these injuries it’s important you consider your financial needs during this sometimes long legal process.

Should I Consider Legal Funding?

Legal Funding has become a popular and respectable  funding source for plaintiffs waiting for their cases to settle. Unfortunately, there are very few options for funding specifically for plaintiffs. Legal funding is designed with the plaintiff’s needs in mind. While it is called a “loan”, it’s really a cash advance provided to help plaintiffs get through rough financial times.

Legal funding is very different than a typical bank loan because when an offer is made from a legal funding company as a law cash advance, those funds DO NOT has to be repaid until the case settles. That’s right. There are NO monthly fees, no repayment schedule, no credit check, and no work history needed to apply for and receive legal funding.

How do I Get Approved

Approval for legal funding is typically quick and easy, and determined solely on the strength of your case. First you will fill out an application with a reputable legal funding company. The legal funding company will consult with your attorney to obtain the necessary paperwork needed to review the case fully. If during the full review it is determined your case is strong and likely winnable in court, your funding will very likely be approved.

If you think legal funding is right for you, be sure to let your attorney know right away. Your attorney’s cooperation in providing information and documentation about your case is necessary for a complete review and possible approval of you funding.

Legal Funding Offers Quick Approval

Once the documents are gathered and reviewed, your application with either be approved or denied. If the case is approved you will receive a funding offer from the legal funding company. Once you accept and sign the offer money is on its way to you immediately.  The money provided does not have to be repaid until and IF your case settles in your favor.  If the unfortunate happens, and you lose your case no money has to be repaid to the legal funding company.