Legal Financing for Your Dog Attack Lawsuit

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of being attacked by a dog, and have filed a lawsuit, legal financing can be an amazing boost to your financial situation.  If the attack is due to negligence, you have the right under our laws, to seek compensation for your injuries. Once you have legal representation you also have the right to seek legal financing.  Legal financing for your dog bite or animal attack can help you stay afloat financially as you seek a fair and just settlement in your case.


In our country there are over 60 million dogs. During a typical year statistics show:

  • There are over 800,000 who seek medical attention from dog bites.
  • Children are common victims of dog bites
  • An average of 20 people a year dies from their dog bite or attack
  • Losses due to dog attacks or dog bites is over 1 billion dollars per year

Some of the most common types of dog attacks are from the following breeds   — Pit bull, Lab, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Malamute, Huskie, Great Dane, Chow, St. Bernard, Doberman, and many mixed breeds.

In our country, where millions of dog related bites and attacks take place each year, most are from domesticated dogs. If the owner is negligent by not properly training the dog, the owner can be held liable.

Once an attack occurs, and you seek medical attention, it’s time to consider a personal injury lawsuit.  It’s important to seek legal representation from a skilled personal injury attorney.  A dog bite or attack personal injury case can take years to settle.  During that time, depending on the severity of your injuries, money can be tight.

Legal financing can help ease those financial pressures which can include personal bills, mortgage, rent, car payment, medical expenses, loss of wages, and any out of pocket costs.  Legal financing from Alliance Claim Funding is quick and easy.  It is not a typical loan, as no funds need to be repaid prior to settlement.  Legal financing for your dog bite lawsuit can not only put money in your pocket when you need it most, but it can help strengthen your case.  If you’re nervous and worried about money you are far more apt to settle your case early for a far lower settlement amount.

Alliance Claim Funding. LLC is a respectable and well known dog bite personal injury legal financing company.  The company has enormous experience dealing with a wide variety of personal injury and dog bite/attack  cases.  Alliance advances personal injury law suit case cash to plaintiffs pursuing slip and dog attack claims; in return, securing a portion of the proceeds that may flow from successful case settlements.

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