Lawsuit Funding Types

Lawsuit Funding Types

Cash Advances and Pre Settlement Loan types

In today’s world, making sure you’re finances stay healthy, and you can pay your bills on time is more important than ever.

Lawsuit Funding Types offered by Alliance Claim Funding team of pre-settlement cash advance specialists has just the right option for you, and your case type. Our outstanding reputation is built on years of experience in the industry.

Have you ever wondered how you’ll pay your bills between now and when you receive your settlement? If you’ve filed a lawsuit, or you’re planning to file your case, now is the time to make sure you have the cash you need to get through this long process. If you’re like most people, this is the first time you are looking for a lawsuit cash advance. That’s because a personal injury is not an everyday experience. If you are in need of fast cash, Alliance Claim Funding provides the answer with our unique litigation financing solutions. You’ll obtain cash up front, with the lowest rates, fastest approval time — with a respected and trusted financial company.

Pre Settlement Funding types

Cash Advances for Lawsuit Cases

You Can Get Financial Help for These Case Types:

Most plaintiffs feel confident their case will win in court, but they are stuck in a financial danger zone as they try to juggle bills and expenses until then.

Lawsuit funding is emergency cash designed to help plaintiffs so they can meet their financial obligations prior to the final determination in their case. Lawsuit loans are a lifesaver for plaintiffs who find themselves in this precarious situation.

It’s like a loan against your lawsuit except its better!

  • You don’t have to make monthly payments.
  • You pay off the advance out of your settlement amount.
  •  Plus, you don’t need to be employed or have good credit to qualify
  • You qualify based only on the strength of your case.
  • If your case is thought to be strong and winnable, your application will likely be approved.

On the slight chance you don’t win your case, you owe us nothing….no principal, no interest, nothing!

Alliance Claim Funding offers a wide variety of legal funding options, including personal injury lawsuit loans, and commercial litigation funding.

Pre Settlement Funding

Pre Settlement Funding Types

Below you will find a list of the personal injury and accident cases that we work with and different lawsuit types we have funded in the past with our pre settlement funding services. We have the experience to handle all case types for pre settlement loans and cash advances on pending cases.

Post Settlement Lawsuit loans

Post Settlement Funding Types

We make it so easy that you won’t need to shop around for other competitors. The settlement loans provided will help you catch up on bills, expenses, and give you cash to use however you please. Make the right choice today and give us a call for all your post settlement funding needs.

Apply for Lawsuit Funding

Best Rate for Lawsuit Funding

Lawsuit Funding enables clients to stay ahead of their finances while they are waiting for their lawsuit to settle. Alliance Claim Funding truly offers the lowest rates in Lawsuit Financing. Alliance Claim Funding is fully dedicated to providing you with the lawsuit cash you need and fast. Because we are upfront as a legal financial leader, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. In fact our rates are the lowest in the legal finance industry.

Applying is free, you are not obligated to continue by any means. We will give you a quote and you can compare that to others just to have the satisfaction. We compete for your business with the knowledge, expertise, and a helping hand. We avoid hidden costs and at Alliance Claim FUnding, you can expect to have a Legal Funding Company who truly cares about each client and plaintiff. We give you, the plaintiff, expert advice needed to ensure you get the best lawsuit loan rate possible. Contact Us today.

Lawsuit Funding Types by states

Pre Settlement funding in your state

Lawsuit Loans and Lawsuit Funding are provided across the United states. We service most states with lawsuit loans and structured settlement cash advances. Please select your state below to find out more about the Lawsuit Funding services available in your state.

We are sorry, but due to individual state laws and regulations we are no longer able to provide lawsuit cash advance services in the following states: Colorado, Maryland, and North Carolina.