Lawsuit Funding for Medical Malpractice Cases

Lawsuit funding loans are offered for medical malpractice plaintiffs from legal funding companies like Alliance Claim Funding.  Here is some info to help you understand medical malpractice and how lawsuit funding can help.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Laws require a duty of care for doctors when they interact with patients.  When a breach of this duty occurs it is considered medical malpractice.

When a medical malpractice case is considered for filing there must be negligence found by the medical professional.  The negligence alleged must have “cause” and an injury or death to the patient.  Most commonly plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases file suits alleging harm to the body and/or lost wages or financial damage.

Most states in our country consider medical malpractice when there is a failure to diagnose or an outright misdiagnosis occurs for a known treatable condition, a delay in diagnosis, improper or misread evaluation, labor, pregnancy or deliver malpractice, errors in medication, and many others.

People can easily imagine a medical malpractice case where the doctor amputates the wrong leg. Clearly, the doctor should have known which leg to amputate and the resulting damages would be irreparable and not hard to quantify. Such a case would most likely be settled in short order.

Lawsuit Funding and Medical Malpractice

If the plaintiff consults a lawsuit funding company for a medical malpractice case the company will review the case and also do a full analysis on the probability of reaching a successful and positive settlement.  If the case is solid and has a high probability of winning a lawsuit funding company like Alliance Claim Funding will step in and offer legal funding to the plaintiff.

Lawsuit funding can be a huge help financially for plaintiffs who are stressed and feel immense pressures financially.  Basically, when the plaintiff accepts the lawsuit funding offer from the legal funding company they assign or pay a portion of the settlement to pay back the loan.  The money can be used for anything the plaintiff wishes to use it for.

The lawsuit funding company is ready and available to plaintiffs wishing to apply for a lawsuit funding loan.  This funding can have a huge positive impact on the plaintiff and their ability to sustain the long wait as the case winds through the legal process.

If the case does not win, the plaintiff is not obligated to pay back any funds to the lawsuit funding company.