Is Lawsuit Funding for You?

Is Lawsuit Funding for You?

If you’re a plaintiff in a personal injury case and your attorney comes to you with a settlement offer you may be faced with making a big decision. If the settlement offer is less than you expected it might be time to consider lawsuit funding to help you continue with the lawsuit you’re involved in.

What is a fair settlement?

According to many legal sources a fair lawsuit settlement should cover all costs and expenses related to the injury. In considering whether to accept the offer, it’s important to review all the costs incurred so far and also to think about future costs that can be determined are a result of the injury.

If you’ve received a settlement offer and feel it does not cover your past and estimated future costs it is time to consider holding out for the best settlement offer by applying for lawsuit funding with Alliance Claim Funding.

The truth is personal injury lawsuits can take a long time, sometimes years before a settlement is reached. A plaintiff can be stressed financially during this time and accepting an early low ball settlement is common due to this stress.

What is Lawsuit Funding?

Simply put, lawsuit funding is really a cash advance against a pending lawsuit. Alliance Claim Funding will, once approved, offer a non-recourse loan against a portion or percentage of a future settlement. If the plaintiff is successful and wins his/her case, they will repay the funds at the time of settlement with interest. In a situation where the plaintiff is unsuccessful, the funding company does not require that even a dime be returned.

Who funds these Lawsuit Loan companies?

Lawsuit loan companies are typically funded and backed by private investors, hedge funds and sometimes banks.

How do I apply?

A plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit can many times qualify for a cash advance against their case if the case is strong and has a good chance of winning.

For more information on lawsuit loan funding, contact Alliance Claim Funding, a reputable, respected lawsuit loan company.