Is Justice Available For all People?

The American justice system is said to be the best in the world. But, does that system of justice really offer full justice to every person? There are many who would say without deep pockets to pay for lawyers, pay bills, and stay healthy financially during the sometimes long litigation process — justice is not attainable for many financially stressed plaintiffs. Many of these plaintiffs have suffered physically, emotionally and financially. Their ability to stay the course and seek a final settlement can be a tough road in many situations.

If You Can Get There, You’ll find Justice

It can take a long time to see a case through the sometimes long and arduous legal process. Only those who are strong personally and financially can really find their way to a just settlement in their case. Many plaintiffs seeking a case settlement, face losing their house, car, not to mention the stress of mounting medical and personal bills. The world does not stop for these people, bills have to be paid, children have to be fed, and work has to be obtained.

Emergency Cash is Available

There is help for cash strapped plaintiffs, in the form of lawsuit funding. If you are a plaintiff in a lawsuit due to personal injury, you know it can take a long time to litigate a case. It’s quite common for plaintiffs to run short on cash during this long litigation process. In many cases, financial obligations are increased due to added medical and living costs due to a plaintiff’s injuries.

Lawsuit Funding Can Save the Day

While our court system does not have a program in place to help plaintiffs who are struggling to survive financially and see a case through – there is help. Lawsuit funding is a sound business choice for those who need emergency cash and funding to help relieve their mounting financial pressures.

A Cash Advance When You Need It Most

Lawsuit funding programs are financial programs available to offer cash advances to plaintiffs as they wait for a settlement. Lawsuit funding is a cash advance to the plaintiff, made against a future cash settlement. Many times this type of funding is called a “loan”, it reality it is very different from a loan. There are no credit checks, no employment checks or history necessary. If for some reason you lose your case, there is no money paid back to the lawsuit funding company.

The Benefits of Lawsuit Funding

There are numerous benefits to lawsuit funding. In many cases, the defendants are big corporations and insurance companies with deep pockets and fancy lawyers. They use full advantage of their money and legal help to devise legal strategies specifically designed to slow down the case – they know the slower the case the more pressure is put on the plaintiffs — financially and personally. They hope the plaintiffs will pull out of the case for good, or that they will feel so much pressure they are forced to settle the case early for a far lower settlement. Lawsuit funding is available to help keep plaintiffs personally and financially strong, so they can defend themselves and ultimately win their cases.