How Long Do Car Accident Settlements Take?

For most car accident plaintiffs one of the biggest questions they ask is how long it will take to reach a case settlement. Honestly, it’s hard to say how long it will take to get a final settlement. Typically the time it takes to reach a court settlement takes far longer than anyone expects.  While we have the best justice system in the world, winding through the system takes quite a bit of time.  One of the reasons car accident personal injury cases take so much time is the opposing counsel many times will delay the case as a legal tactic.

Case Delay As a Legal Tactic

It’s logical to ask why anyone would want to delay a case in court. Especially since it takes time and resources on both sides of the case to maintain the case as it winds through court.  Delaying a case is done in many cases on purpose so it will put more pressure on the plaintiff to settle early for a lower settlement amount. Insurance companies hire high price attorneys to represent them and save them money.  These legal teams know the longer it takes to reach a court settlement, the more financial pressure a plaintiff will feel.  When the financial pressure gets really bad, it’s likely the plaintiff will throw up their hands and ask their attorney to reach a settlement.  This early settlement is typically far lower than the just amount a plaintiff will get if the stick with the case and reach the final verdict. In short, delaying the case can save the insurance company money.

Lawsuit Cash Advance for Financially Strapped Plaintiffs

Car accident plaintiffs can avoid early settlement by taking out a lawsuit cash advance to help pay bills and alleviate the huge financial pressure they are feeling while waiting for a case conclusion.  A lawsuit cash advance for your car accident case is very different than a typical bank loan as it is designed just for personal injury cases. There are no monthly payments with interest, no credit checks, and there is no employment history necessary to get approval for the cash advance.

Approval is Based On the Strength of the Car Accident Case

There are two important requirements for auto accident lawsuit cash advance approval. First you must have a personal injury attorney representing you, and second, you must have a strong case.  Once you apply for a lawsuit cash advance your attorney will share documentation on your case with Alliance Claim Funding.  During the review of the case the funding team will approve funding if they determine the case is strong and likely winnable in court. Once you have approval for your auto accident lawsuit cash advance the money is quickly sent to the plaintiff — typically within 72 hours.

Once your case is filed and you start to worry about how you’ll pay bills and stay financially healthy,  its time to consider how a lawsuit cash advance can help you pay bills and stay financially healthy during the time you’re waiting for a case settlement.

lliance Claim Funding is a reputable company providing lawsuit loans for car accidents. Alliance Claim Funding, LLC advances funds to plaintiffs pursuing damage claims; in return, securing a portion of the proceeds that may flow from successful case settlements. If the case does not settle prior to trial or loses the trialthe lawsuit loan is forgiven! You owe Alliance Claim Funding nothing!

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