Find the Best Lawsuit Cash Advance Company to Fund Your Lawsuit

If you plan to file a claim lawsuit or have already filed a claim lawsuit, you may want to consider finding the best company to offer you a lawsuit cash advance.  You may have mounting bills and financial burdens which might include medical expenses, living expenses, and lost wages that can bring a huge amount of pressure to your life.

Alliance Claim Funding is a reputable lawsuit cash advance company.  Their application for a lawsuit cash advance is simple and offers a quick turnaround between application and decision.

Before you apply you may want to educate yourself about lawsuit cash advances.

Lawsuit cash advance companies have grown in popularity in recent years for those engaged in a personal injury claim. These lawsuit cash advances allow plaintiffs to obtain cash funding before their actual lawsuit is settled. This funding can be used for daily living expenses and bills that have piled up, which helps plaintiffs live stress free as they move through the legal system and await a settlement in their case.

Personal injury attorneys are not allowed to fund cases as it is considered a conflict of interest for them to do so.  A lawsuit cash advance company is a private independent third party offering to finance the plaintiff based on the strength of the lawsuit.

A lawsuit cash advance company reviews the case and makes a funding offer based only on the strength of the case.  Typically a percentage of the calculated settlement is offered to the plaintiff.  The lawsuit cash advance is loaned to the plaintiff as a non-recourse loan, which means no funds are required to be paid back if the case is lost by the plaintiff.  While called a loan the funding is very different than a typical bank loan.  The lawsuit cash advance requires no credit check, no work history and doesn’t require a monthly payment schedule.  The repayment takes place once the case settles.