Baycol Lawsuit? Legal Finance Offers Financial Solutions for Plaintiffs

Baycol plaintiffs typically wait a long time for a settlement in their case. If you are one of those plaintiffs,  you may be feeling financial pressures as you await a conclusion in your case.  Alliance Claim Funding offers financial solutions and legal financing options for plaintiffs.

Baycol Recall and Side Effects

Back in 2001 the German pharmaceutical company Bayer AG announced a voluntary withdrawal of its drug Baycol, also known as cerivastatin, from US and European markets.  At that point over 30 people had died from the drug, due to a severe muscle breakdown.  Some of the patients, who died from use of Baycol, were also taking a drug called gemfibrozil, despite warnings to not mix the two medications.

The FDA supported the voluntary recall of Baycol by the manufacturer.  Baycol has been used around the world by over 6 million patients.  Some statins, cholesterol lowering drugs, cause muscle spasms. However, in many patients taking Baycol this progressed into a full scale muscle breakdown. This condition is known as rhabdomyolysis. As the muscles breakdown, there is a toxic chemical released into the bloodstream which causes kidney failure.  Most of the deaths from Baycol were caused by kidney failure.

Baycol Lawsuits Continue to Be Filed

Many lawsuits have been filed over the years against Bayer for bringing this dangerous drug to the world.  Many of the deaths were in patients taking a high dose of the drug along with gemfibrozil, but others died from taking small doses of Baycol alone.

If you or a loved one has suffered from taking Baycol it’s important to contact an attorney right away.  In addition, legal financing is available to you once the case is filed.  Legal financing can help ease financial pressures felt by plaintiffs who file a lawsuit and wait for a case settlement.

Alliance Claim Funding is a legal finance company with years of experience with Baycol lawsuits.  The company understands the many personal and financial issues facing plaintiffs who file a case.

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